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Holy Cow – More To Love Season Finale

More To Love Luke and TaliFox TV’s extra large reality dating show, More to Love wrapped up the season tonight. Luke Conley went through 20 large women and chose his fiancé tonight. 26-year old Tali won the honors and said “I do” in the season finale. Amazing that on a show featuring large women, he chose the prettiest and thinnest one of the bunch. Just shocking!

I admit I got roped into this one. A combination of a Hell’s Kitchen lead-in and my girlfriend helped keep this one on my television set. I was intrigued at the concept for sure. Week 1 bordered on tasteless as Fox constantly flashed the weights of the women. I mentioned to my girlfriend that I felt like I was watching The Ultimate Fighter when they flash up the stats of the fighters.

[adinserter block=”1″]The idea behind the Fox reality show was a dating show for plus-sized women. Luke, the bachelor was a big man at over 300 pounds. Although at one point Luke claimed that as an “athlete” his weight didn’t matter. Women ranged from 170 all the way to the 300s. It should come to no male’s surprise that the final 3 women all weighed less than 200 lbs. Yes the women were large, but hardly what you’d expect when you think of an overweight women.

Honestly, I think the show probably did more damage than good. The idea was cute, overweight women would feel better about themselves after this show. However, week after week as each of the big girls was eliminated the writing was on the wall. Luke like every stereotype seemed to fall for the lighter girls. Tali the winner is absolutely gorgeous and is a very tall 190 pounds. It didn’t take a genius to figure out quickly that Luke was going to go for the hottest girl of the bunch.

I think this show has potential. Yet, I think Fox has a lot of work to do if they are going to bring it back. For one, they need a better bachelor. Luke came off as a real tool at times. In the end he proved to be a big phony after constantly talking about how he liked the larger girls. Second, they really need to fill up the house with truly plus sized women. It is a real sad statement when Fox is telling you that these are the overweight women of America when half of them look just fine.

I smell a spinoff here ala: I Love New York. Can you say, Mel B To Love? Mel B was probably the biggest the girl of the bunch. She was also probably the sweetest. Mel B got eliminated early. There was something though about Mel B that made you want to root for her. She came off as the sweetest of all of the girls in the house for one thing. I can easily see the execs at Fox hard at work gearing up for a Mel B spinoff. I think they’d have a hit!

The editing of the show made you think that Luke was going to choose Melissa all season. Melissa claims to weigh 170, but she looked more like 200. She definitely came off as the most cunning girl in the house. I kind of got the feeling that Luke was more into her because she was the biggest challenge of the house. I can’t see into a woman’s heart, but her intentions looked a little different from the rest. It looked like she was in it to win it and not him.

[adinserter block=”2″]All in all I think the show was pretty pathetic at times. These people are throwing around “I Love You” to other people they have known less than two weeks. This whole idea of a love story is either manipulated drama or a bunch of lunatics who have no idea what love is all about. The end of the show saw Luke propose to Tali. The guy proposed to a woman he has known for a few weeks and she said yes. Ever wonder why the divorce rate is so high in this country?

Maybe I am coming off a bit harsh, but I just really doubt some of the intentions of these people on the show. Regardless, congratulations to Tali and Luke on their impending nuptials. At least I can now grab back some of the manhood of mine that I lost for the last two months watching this train wreck.



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