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Holidays Gifts and Ideas for Women

Romantic CouponSo, I’ve been researching “Holiday gifts for your girlfriend” just to see if my boyfriend is able to find good options for my holiday gift, which is a little selfish but I want a good gift! And I have to say that a few of the options are fairly decent, and even I would be satisfied with nice jewelry (who wouldn’t) or a cheesy picture frame with a picture of us! There were however, many gifts that I did not think were suitable for the holidays! Holidays are supposed to be fun and although pretty lingerie could be a lot of fun, this isn’t really a gift for your girlfriend…is it fellas?? On a similar note, cooking ware is a household appliance and it’s more of a necessity than a fun holiday gift, so steer clear of kitchen appliances!

She doesn’t want Lingerie, she doesn’t want cookware, and she certainly no heated socks for the holidays! Does anyone really want heated socks? I can’t believe they do, but it’s one of the many ridiculous items that girlfriends apparently “want” for the holiday! And my last no-no, never take a girl you care about shopping, unless she specifically says she wants this for her holiday gift. Taking your girlfriend shopping and having her pick out her own gift really ruins the element of surprise. By doing this, you are practically telling her, “I really don’t want to waste time getting you a gift this year, so you might as well just do it yourself.”

[adinserter block=”1″]There are a few ways to figure out the perfect gift for your girl! You need to think of something she wants but will not get for herself, because well…it’s not a necessity and since the holiday season can be quite expensive, often times we try to save a little money on ourselves and spend money on our loved ones. Some ideas are:

Day at the Spa: Purchase a gift certificate for a massage, maybe even a pedicure, manicure or a facial. Even a day at the spa together, this is very romantic but can be quite costly.

Gift Certificate to Hair Salon: Just remember, this could be a bit tricky if your girl only goes to a specific hair dresser, so be a sneak and figure out this information without being too obvious! My boyfriend isn’t really great at being sneaky , but I let it go, because he is trying!!

Tickets to a Show/Event: Tickets to a show or sporting event can make a really great gift. This depends on the girl you are buying for, because there are many girls that would rather see a hockey game than ever have to sit through an Opera! For me, I think I would prefer the ballet, or a nice play in the city. Again, this is a bit expensive, but this is a nice treat and very appropriate for the holiday! Doesn’t every girl need to see the Nutcracker around Christmas time?

I’m not finished yet; I still have a few options that are less expensive and more thoughtful! Girls love when their significant other is thinking about them! Doesn’t even matter what they are thinking about, just as long as we are in their thoughts! We can be a bit selfish at times, but we just want to know we are loved! Girls appreciate the act of giving much more than the actual gift.

Baking cake/cookies: If my boyfriend bakes me a cake, as much as I’d hate to eat all those extra calories, it is really the sweetest thing! Most guys aren’t really into baking, so the fact that he would go out of his way and do something that he probably doesn’t really enjoy, for me, really says a lot! And may be one of the sweetest gifts a girl can get!

Romantic Wine Tasting in your very own Living room: This is an easy one. Get a few bottles of wine, a few different kinds of cheese, some crackers, and there’s a prefect night…for both of you! Don’t forget a few candles to set the mood!

Memories Collage/Book of the Two of you: This is usually done by a girl and given to her boyfriend, and even if a guy appreciates the gesture, the girl is the one who really likes a nice gift like this. Throw in some pictures, a few stories here and there about how you met and some crafty hearts you can buy at Michael’s. These collages are so easy to make and so meaningful to your girl! She will most likely cry when opening this gift! A good cry is always in order for a good gift!!

[adinserter block=”2″]Coupons: I’ve used coupons before and I think they went over well, but I’m pretty sure my boyfriend wanted a real gift instead. Guys are more practical when it comes to gifts, so if it’s not tangible, they are probably not interested. However, girls like coupons! Maybe a coupon for a movie night, her movie picks. Back massages are always great coupons, as well as a foot rub! A coupon for a cooked dinner is another option! Really, this can be quite easy, think of anything your girlfriend likes or wants and put it on a coupon! I wrote a coupon for a free trip to the beach and I had to drive the entire way I knew he was happy with that one, so you can write anything you want! Put it on some cute pink paper, use a fun font and print out some coupons for your girl!

I hope this information was helpful! I really thought of all the things I like and wrote about them! I figure I’m a girl, so it’s a pretty factual blog!

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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