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Big Bathroom BookLike a lot of men, I normally buy whatever I want throughout the year, so shopping for me during the holidays can be quite a chore. My girlfriend recently started looking at blogs about holiday shopping ideas for men and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Most of these blogs are written by women who have no clue what men really want as a holiday gift. This inspired me to put some shopping ideas together about what I and most other men really want for the holidays.

One rule for any woman and my girlfriend knows this well, stay away from high-priced technology. It is too expensive and quite honestly, you will probably get it wrong. While it is incredibly sweet to give your man an ipad, a laptop, or even a high-definition television, save yourself the grief. Guys like me who are into technology have very specific needs when it comes to technology. I’ll give you a perfect example from last year’s holidays.

[adinserter block=”1″]I was in the market for a new iPod. I really wanted an iPod touch. My girlfriend knew this and started shopping around for iPods. I wound up buying one for myself right before she made the purchase. It was a good thing because I wanted to pay the extra money for a 32 gb, whereas my girlfriend was looking at 8 gb iPods. As sweet as it would have been to get one, I would have rather bought it myself and get the specs I wanted. The same goes for the high-def televisions, laptops, etc. Unless you know exactly all of the specifications the technology geek on your holiday list wants, don’t bother.

Here are a few easy ideas that I would recommend if you are struggling finding the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio As a four-year satellite radio customer, I can’t endorse this product enough. Any man in your life that doesn’t have satellite radio would absolutely love it once he plugged it in and started using it. The beauty of this gift is it is probably something that the man in your life wouldn’t buy, but would really enjoy. You have the option to buy a monthly or yearly subscription at some real reasonable prices. Now you must get the hardware with it, so this can be tricky. I would suggest a gift card and allow him to pick his own unit out. You can find units online or at local Best Buy stores. In the meantime, you can buy a subscription and make sure to include the option to listen online. There is also an app to listen on the iPhone, so if he has an iPhone you may want to include another gift card to download the app.

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Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Wise Up Book!- Amazing Facts and Incredible Information Book – This is a fantastic gift and once again, something that the man on your list will never tell you he wants but will love it. This sucker is over 400 pages and is full of fun facts from sports, entertainment, history, politics, and more. The idea behind it is that you read it when you’re well, on the can in the bathroom. I came across this once in a book store and I loved it. There are a few editions, yet this one seems to be the most popular. Believe me when I tell you that not very many men want to receive a book for the holidays. However, this is one book that will surprise and impress any man on your holiday list.

Click here to check out Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Wise Up!: Amazing Facts and Incredible Information. Subscription – This is a gift specifically for the man in your life that loves video games. Gamefly is like Netflix in that you pay for a yearly subscription and have unlimited access to thousands of video games to rent and keep as long as you want. This is perfect for someone that likes to play games, beat them, and never play them again. It is relatively inexpensive, and a fun little stocking stuffer if you are looking for that something extra to fill out the holiday list for him.

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[adinserter block=”2″]A Super Bowl Party – How about this one from out of left field? Why don’t you offer to buy or make whatever he wants for the Super Bowl, and offer him to invite a few friends over? This is not only inexpensive as opposed to some of the other more obvious gifts it is also a very thoughtful gift. As a matter of a fact, this is the kind of a gift that keeps on giving. Offer to make some dips, appetizers, and a main course for he and his buddies for the Super Bowl, and watch a little tear well up in his eye.

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A Deep Fryer Now I know my girlfriend would never go for this, but she isn’t writing this blog. What do men like more than sports? We like to eat, and we love deep fried foods. I had a deep fryer a few years back and used her every football Sunday and sporting event for wings, appetizers, or just to get some crazy creations. Women have fondue pots, men have deep fryers. An even nicer touch would be to pick up a book of deep frying recipes. You would be shocked and probably disgusted if you saw what some men were doing with these things.

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Hope’s Cookies – Other than deep fried foods, what is the best way to a man’s heart? Of course it would be baked goods and Hope’s Cookies will give you some of the best cookies your man has ever had. The way it works is that you go on their website, order what you want, and they mail out a box of the greatest cookies in the world with a nice bow on top to your man. My girlfriend has surprised me with these a few times and as much as I hate eating junk, these disappear pretty fast. However, I will give you a tip that I learned the hard way. Don’t send it to his work. Once his co-workers see what he has, they start grubbing, and he winds up giving half of them away. Send them to his home and give him one of the tastiest surprises that he will ever get from a cardboard box.

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Wireless Car Entry and Starter – Once again, another gift he would never ask for but will get a lot of use out of. This is something you could either be real sneaky about, or install after the holiday. These aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and can be installed pretty quickly at your local Best Buy or Pep Boys. He may not get that excited initially, but the first time he has to run out on a cold or rainy day and he has his car started and warm inside, he will love you forever. There are plenty of these online at,, or Even better, there are now accessories available that you can use with your cell phone that make this gift even more appealing.

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These are just a few different, yet reasonable ideas that may make shopping for the man in your life a little easier. Believe me, these will go much further than the magazine subscriptions, sweaters, and DVDs I see suggested by women writing about shopping for men. Lord help their poor husbands or boyfriends!

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