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Hip Hop DJ Tim Westwood Accused of Sexual Misconduct

A total of seven women have accused Tim.

The long-time DJ and presenter Tim Westwood is being accused of performing sexual misconduct by several women all of a sudden. The women claim that Tim has misused his place and position in the music industry and taken advantage of them.

A total of seven women have come forward with their accusations against Westwood from which three claim that they were the victims of predatory sexual behavior by the DJ while the remaining four women have claimed that they were groped by Tim at some events.

The women have publicly released their statements describing the events that led to their sexual assault. Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who is Tim Westwood?

Tim is one of the most popular names in British music and he is a hip-hop veteran with an experience in the field for more than 30 years. Now his name and his opinions have so much power that they could build or break the careers of new as well as old artists.

The artist has kept his instantly recognizable clothing style since the 1980s and has been known for his Big Dawg persona. Tim hosted the BBC Radio 1 for almost 20 years where he was called the voice of hip-hop.

Currently, he owns a show on Capital Xtra and also does regular performances in clubs across the United Kingdom and also overseas. He is also the co-owner of Kiss FM, the pirate station.

What Happened?

On Tuesday, Tim was accused by seven women who are throwing allegations of sexual misconduct on him. These females spoke to BBC about this incident where it was found that they are all black women, and they claim that they met Tim through his work.

Among the seven women, two have said that they came to London to meet Tim after they were aspiring to work in the hip-hop industry and wanted to discuss music with him. Then they claimed that Tim took them to a flat and initiated forceful sex.

Another woman told BBC that she met Tim in his mid-30s when she was 17 in a R&B group and Tim subjected her to unwanted oral sex on the meeting. The four other women have accused Tim of touching their buttocks or breasts while they were posing for photographs with him at his events.

Tim’s Reaction

The allegations claiming Tim’s wrong behavior towards women of color have been a topic for quite some while however, Tim has always denied those claims and called them fabricated. Tim who is now 64 has clearly denied all accusations against him and also noted that none of these allegations were reported to the police.

A documentary named “Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power” was aired on BBC where these women shared their stories. It is unclear whether they are lying or telling the truth.



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