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Hilary Duff Poses Nude for the Magazine Cover of Women’s Health

American actress Hilary Duff has taken a bold step concerning her new Instagram post, and we can’t be more proud of her. The “How I met your father” actress has recently posted a whole nude picture of hers that will be also a magazine cover for her upcoming project.

Hilary has been the cover girl for the Women’s Health Magazine for the May issue, which is specifically targeted toward women’s health in general. The magazine covers issues like body issues, image problems, body positivity, etc. Hilary has specifically shared her experience in the magazine concerning the same.

Instead of the same, Hilary posed nude for the cover and promoted empowerment and equality. The magazine also highlights how stereotypes concerning women’s bodily hair must be restrained and stopped. Not only this it also emphasizes women’s health and what one should do to keep her body fit and healthy.

The news of the magazine cover broke in when Hilary made a post of 10 pictures on her official Instagram account. She posted 10 pictures of her including on the cover and her shoot pictures too, where she looked absolutely gorgeous. She wrote “So, this was terrifying….. I predicted that doing this would be terrifying, and I was correct! @womenshealthmag had the most beautiful all-women shoot, and I had a blast.”

She further wrote “Without my high-waisted mom jeans and big whatever I normally wear, I felt powerful and gorgeous and laughed a lot going into some of these postures. Thank you to everyone who made this day bearable for me by complimenting and loving me. @nikkilee901 You put forth a lot of effort! @kdeenihan I adore the no-makeup/make-up look you give me, and the “sheen” spray was a great addition.”

“I’m giving virtual hugs to everyone who contributed! @dominicleeder, thank you for keeping me motivated and in such good form every day! And thank you to my mom bear publicist @kfostpr for allowing me to say yes. Now my hubby is planning to troll me in some way, so keep tuned”, the start added.

The mom-of-three began working out with Dominic Leeder in her garage four days a week, including cardio blasts, jumping lunges, and leaping lunges. Photographer Daniella Midenge captured Duff looking confident and empowered as she revealed her great physique. In addition to stripping down and flaunting her pert posterior, the former Disney Channel star subsequently sat in her bathtub wearing nothing but white sunglasses.

Her tattoos were on full display, including the French phrase ‘Ma Petite Amie’ on the right side of her rib cage, and a smiley face above her elbow. Dreams Are Made ‘Let It Be’ on her right foot and a ghost tattoo with the words ‘ride or die’ on the bottom, which she received from her closest friend Alanna Masterson. Ms. Duff has three children: Mae, one; Banks, three; and 10-year-old Luca. « Perhaps after having Banks, I got more at ease with my body.



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