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Highspots vs. Ric Flair Lawsuit Is Heading to Trial

Ric Flair has left the TNA UK tourThe Teflon Man could be heading back into a court of law. Multiple sources report that pro wrestling collectibles company Highspots.com will proceed with its lawsuit against Ric Flair. The man some call the greatest pro wrestler of all time is in jeopardy for being pinned for $35,000.

The never ending saga of Ric Flair lawsuits and court proceedings continue for the Nature Boy. Highspots.com and owner Michael Bochicchio claim that the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler owes them $35,000 in loans. Reportedly both sides reached a settlement back in February, well one of the sides thought they did.

[adinserter block=”2″]Highspots.com released a press release at the time that read, “Highspots.com would like to announce we have settled our dispute with Ric Flair concerning the NWA belt. We thank Ric and all the attorneys involved for their cooperation today in reaching a resolution and truly wish Mr Flair the best in his future endeavors . Happy birthday champ!” The “champ” has not adhered to whatever this settlement was which will now bring the lawsuit to trial.

With the settlement now void, both sides will begin giving depositions in the near future. Legal proceedings have started to take place between all parties. This disagreement goes back to August 2010. The case is scheduled to go to trial on April 18.

My old buddy Mike Johnson does a fantastic job breaking down the lawsuit on PWInsider.com. Here are a few highlights of Mike’s report with some interesting factoids about the disagreement. Mike summed Highspots’ side in his report by saying the following.

“Highspots’ side is that they lent Flair $31,000 and $35,000 on different instances. Flair agreed to make appearances to make up the amounts. Flair made two signing appearances and also appeared with Roddy Piper in a shoot interview DVD for a total of three appearances. So, Highspots is claiming they are owed for one final appearance to make up the remainder of the $31,000, plus the entire $35,000 loan.”

In essence, Highspots is claiming that they gave Flair a draw for a series of appearances. The irony here is that back in January Flair demanded a draw on TNA Wrestling’s last European tour and missed the bus after a disagreement about the money. It appears that both sides seem to have reached some kind of agreement as Flair has been back on TNA Impact since the incident.

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According to Mike’s report, Flair’s legal team claims that Flair did indeed attempt to make good on those appearances. According to Flair’s side, Highspots went ahead and canceled Flair’s remaining appearances without notice thus making it impossible for Flair to pay back the money. Highspots, “denied Flair the ability under the agreement to repay the balance of the loan.” That is some defense.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is also a small matter of the NWA championship belt. Flair owns an original NWA belt and Highspots is under the impression that they were allowed to sell it in order to recoup monies owed by Flair. Flair’s side claim that Highspots came into possession of the belt unlawfully and no such agreement was ever made. Mike reports that Flair sent police officers to retrieve the belt but left without the championship. Reportedly the officers were shown paperwork which satisfied them that Highspots.com lawfully had a right to possess the belt. Highspots cannot proceed with the sale of the belt as long as Flair continues making legal claims to owning it. Sounds like an angle right out of the JBL-Shawn Michaels storyline.

There are a lot more he said/she saids in Mike’s report but the basic gist of the matter is that Flair believes that he satisfied his debt and it is Highspots.com fault for canceling these appearances which prevented him from paying them back. I have to admit, that is a new one.

It should also be noted that Ring of Honor have a lawsuit pending against Ric Flair for money they claim to have paid him upfront for appearances that he never made.

From my point of view it appears that Flair comes off almost like a predator of sorts. Flair finds people who he can work with his charm and fame, grooms them, and then takes their money once he has their defenses down. Unfortunately the more you read stories like this about Ric Flair the harder it gets to respect one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

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