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High School Musical 4: What Do We Know So Far?

Is the original cast returning or what?

It has been a decade since it all started and where began our dreams of living the musical life in high school. Yes, you guessed it right. High School Musical is what we are talking about. The first movie was released back in 2006 and it swayed so many hearts with its amazing musical numbers and a heart-throbbing cast.

The third musical series in the franchise was last seen in 2008 and it has been a barren land since then. But all of a sudden rumors start floating that a fourth installment is coming and people are going absolutely nuts!

Well, you are in the right place if you are also wondering about it because the information about HSM4 is rare and few but we have compiled all the information you need here:

Is High School Musical 4 Happening?

Although the third installment of the movie was termed the last movie of the franchise, the fans have still stayed hopeful to see their favorite characters once again even if they appear as a teacher or a coach.

Back in January 2021 on the 15th Anniversary of HSM, director Kenny Ortega said that he is not planning to make a fourth movie at all. However later on he showed great interest in having a reunion of the cast.

It has now been announced that there will be a High School Musical 4 however it is not confirmed if the original cast will be returning.

The Original Cast Are Not Returning

Almost all of the cast has expressed excitement about a possible High School Musical 4 however, as for returning for their respective roles they have decided to say no. Ashley Tisdale or Sharpay in the High School Musical movies claimed that she does not want to play that role again.

She told E! News: “I honestly don’t think I would, just based off of, I don’t know if I could fill her shoes again. I’ve matured so much, I just don’t know if I could give her justice — Sharpay — and be that character again. And I would hate to not have it be great.”

For the fourth movie, we will be getting brand new main characters as the new gang of East high Students. Five characters are speculated to appear in the fourth High School Musical movie namely Erin, Derek, Campbell, Nathalie, and Tamara. These characters might have some similarities with the original characters.

A Possible TV Series

A High School Musical TV series was also announced which will be titled The Musical and will feature new students of East High putting on a musical performance for winter theatre. The series has been announced to have 10 episodes in total and will be styled as a docu-series.

Where to Watch?

Well since HSM is a Disney production so obviously you will only be able to watch it on Disney+ and will be costing you lesser than Netflix.

Are you excited about HSM 4? Let us know in the comments.



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