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Hide Your Beagle, Michael Vick Is An Eagle

Michael Vick I am as stunned as most Philadelphia Eagles fans this morning. The Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a 2-year deal. The signing poses a lot of questions and a ton of potential distractions. After all is said and done I just have to wonder why the team signed him in the first place.

As a longtime Eagles fan I am disappointed and disgusted after listening to Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid’s press conferences. These guys must think we are green blooded robots. To think that one touchdown will erase our memories is thoughtless and inexcusable. This whole franchise as a whole makes me sick this morning.

[adinserter block=”1″]I do think Mike Vick should be allowed to play again. I just don’t want him playing on the Eagles. It is an unnecessary distraction for one thing. You don’t expect me to believe that the players will be 100% focused on practice for the next few weeks? The fact that I am forced to watch Michael Vick play in Eagles’ green is something that I don’t know if I want to do.

Donovan McNabb is truly a jackass. McNabb compared bringing Vick here to bringing Terrell Owens here. Well he would know since he vouched for both of them! How did that work out? Is Donovan going to try and run Vick out of town as well? Terrell Owens baggage and Mike Vick’s are completely different and comparing the two is just asinine. T.O. killed teams, Michael Vick killed dogs!

McNabb has also said that Mike Vick is a quarterback yet he is no threat to he or Kevin Kolb. McNabb also stated that he would be willing to either sit out plays for Vick or play a different position. Are you kidding me? First of all, I am not happy about a football player that volunteers to sit out plays. Second of all, what the hell is going on here? Are we bringing Michael Vick here to make Donovan McNabb a wide receiver? I am sure opposing defenses would love to take a shot at McNabb in that situation.

I just don’t see the benefit here to bringing in Vick. Andy Reid raved about the fact that Vick knows the west coast offense. What he didn’t tell us is that Vick sucked in the west coast offense. His worst years were playing in that type of offense. This is far from a perfect system for Mike Vick to be reacquainted with.

This is not an offense that needs Mike Vick. McCoy, Jackson, Westbrook, McNabb, Weaver, and Maclin are a hell of an offense on their own. Who is going to sit out when Vick comes in to the play? People screaming about a Super Bowl offense now with Vick are out of their minds. A good coach shouldn’t need Michael Vick to produce a potent offense with the talent we have on the team this year.

I am also deeply offended at the dismissal of mine and other Eagles’ fans feelings for this guy. McNabb and Reid both said the first time Vick scores a touchdown this will all be forgotten. No it won’t and how dare either one of these guys to dismiss concerned fans as rabid, dumb, emotionless Eagles fans. How dare they dismiss our love for animals in exchange for something as petty as a touchdown?

Andy Reid made a curious point in his press conference. Reid mentioned his sons and Mike Vick getting a second chance. I wonder deep down if this is subliminally about Andy’s kids. Andy’s kids are convicted drug felons. I wonder if this is all about Andy Reid vicariously sending a message through Michael Vick. I wouldn’t have even thought about it until he brought it up. Are the motives for bringing Mike Vick here personal or professional?

[adinserter block=”2″]Michael Vick is an Eagle and for the first time in my lifetime as a Philadelphia Eagles fan I won’t be rolling out the red carpet. It will take more than a touchdown or even a Super Bowl before I forgive the Eagles for this one. I hope it works out for Andy because if not, Andy Reid may have just written his ticket out of here.

Let me tell you something, this team needs a hell of a lot more than Michael Vick after watching last night’s pre season game. I am all for signing Mike Vick if he can play tight end or on the offensive line. All of these great gadget plays designed for Mike Vick will mean nothing if Winston Justice is protecting him. All I know is that I am a lot less confident about this team after watching that offensive line last night than I was before the game.

I do know of one play with Michael Vick that I will be cheering widly. I’ll be cheering wildly when Brian Dawkins comes home in on Christmas weekend and lays him out!

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  1. As somebody that has a beagle and a pit bull, I'm no longer a fan of Vick. But, I will say that I think he his trying hard to clean up his image. Not that he really has much of a choice.. BUT, it appears that he knows he was wrong. I think that's the most important thing.
    .-= Lola´s last blog ..The History of Beagles =-.


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