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Hey! Remember R-Truth? – Inside the Wheelhouse

R-Truth has taken a backseatIf there is one negative thing that can be said about the current WWE product and the CM Punk/Triple H & Vince McMahon angles, it would be that R-Truth has taken a backseat in the last 3-4 weeks of WWE programming.

Up until CM Punk’s “worked shoot” promo, R-Truth was the talk of the internet and becoming an “internet darling” of the wrestling fans that profess their love for wrestling here on the World Wide Web. He had broken through the upper mid-card level of the WWE and cemented himself as a true Main Eventer & someone that could hold the WWE Championship.

As history and the landscape of wrestling would have it that would take a backseat thanks all the great things currently going on WWE television as we speak. Amazing how things have changed in wrestling where fans aren’t pissed that such a great wrestler has taken a backseat lately due to all the entertaining things that have been going on as of late.

[adinserter block=”2″]It wasn’t as if R-Truth has been pushed down the card again like other wrestlers (Sheamus & Wade Barrett) that have made wrestling fans upset, it’s just that everything great that he did the 8 weeks prior to CM Punk’s promo have now been overshadowed by entertainment.

R-Truth is still one of the best heels in the company and he may be taking a backseat lately as we await the return of John Morrison to the WWE roster. It appears by the vignettes that I have seen recently that if I had to guess when that program would get restarted again it would be at this year’s SummerSlam. Which I’d be happy with because it’s program between two wrestlers who are climbing the ladder of the WWE that very well could be main eventing the entire show at next year’s SummerSlam.

Despite being such a good heel on RAW it’s almost as if that once this program with John Morrison comes to a close that he should be moved to SmackDown where he could become a better heel for the WWE. RAW is filled with bright lights, vignettes and the occasional wrestling match while SmackDown is the complete reverse. R-Truth could showcase his great promo skills, showoff is great match presence and become a brighter star then he already has become on RAW.

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The reason why I’m slightly bummed about the way things have gone for R-Truth recently is because he has a World Title run in him for 2011 at some point. It appeared that the program he had with John Cena was so good that it should carry along throughout the summer months, but as we all saw the WWE creative team had an ace up their sleeve that would quite possibly re-route the path of wrestling for the next couple of years. Amazing how that made us forget how good R-Truth was recently in our “knee-jerk” wrestling society.

It’ll take sometime for R-Truth to get back on that mountain on the RAW side of things, especially with the way things are going right now but at least he has a program with John Morrison that has some potential for the present & future of the WWE. The star is still bright for R-Truth and it may be just part of a case of being patient with his development on TV. Patience is something wrestling fans have to do a lot of recently with the way a lot of things are building on WWE programming.

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  1. I agree. I've never been the biggest R-Truth fan, but it was nice to not only see someone brand new in the main event mix, but someone pushed hard enough that they legitimately looked like a threat to the title. I would be fine with R-Truth holding the WWE or World title, even if for just a little while, as long as he was made to look like a credible champion. Regardless of what his fans might say, The Miz was the last heel champion that got a run with either belt (not counting Christian, the current World Champion), and his title run was a joke.

  2. Once Orton gets the title back, I wouldn't mind seeing Christian move a little down the card for Truth to get a real feud in with him. Orton brings down promos, and having Truth carry him until they get to the actual match might be a good idea.

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