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Hey Pro Wrestling Fans – Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Want You

The pro wrestling community has adopted Brock Lesnar since he entered MMA. WWE wrestlers and fans thumped their chests when after Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir. However, after watching Brock’s E:60 interview, it is obvious Brock Lesnar hates pro wrestling and doesn’t want your support.

I have found it ironic since day one. Here is a guy that walked out away from the WWE. Many WWE wrestlers came on my radio show following Lesnar’s departure and criticized the move. Those same wrestlers were blogging within 24 hours of their new boy’s dominance in UFC.

“Mir, what do you think of Pro Wrestlers now after getting your ass handed to you and getting beat in a completely one-sided fight!” …. Hurricane Helms

“Brock is a strong heel. Take it from yours truly… Minnesotans are tough. Might try some MMA. I could destroy that nerdy Bruce Buffer.” …. Jeremy Borash

“WWE star Brock Lesnar won by brutual ground and pound!” …. Bobby Lashley

[adinserter block=”1″]”Yeah Brock! Reppin’ the toughness of “WWE” guys by making Mir & the non-believers eat their words! We popped HUGE 4 your post fight promo!” …. Matt Hardy – FanNation.

Brock Lesnar has been outspoken about his pro wrestling career since the day he left the WWE. Lesnar hated it there and is not shy to say it. Lesnar recently told ESPN that he has blacked out part of his WWE career. Lesnar despised pro wrestling so much that he doesn’t even care to remember it.

So why are wrestling fans and pro wrestlers so quick to remember Brock Lesnar? Brock Lesnar is not representing pro wrestling in UFC. Brock Lesnar is representing himself. Brock Lesnar has openly admitted that he is in it for the money. If you think Brock Lesnar gives a damn about you, than you haven’t paid attention to Brock Lesnar.

It is truly ironic that Lesnar’s ex-pro wrestlers continue to stand behind Lesnar as a representative of pro wrestling. Does Brock Lesnar’s UFC dominance mean that all pro wrestlers are tougher than MMA fighters? Of course it doesn’t, so what is this point in all of this support from the wrestling community?

[adinserter block=”2″]There are several reports from wrestling fans who followed Brock into the Minnesota Vikings mini-camp that paint a brutal yet honest picture of Lesnar. Lesnar was known for being arrogant and confrontational anytime someone put a wrestling picture in front of him to autograph. Does this sound like someone that is representing pro wrestling?

Lesnar has thrown down the gauntlet. He doesn’t want your support, nor does he need it. It is time for the pro wrestling community to get off of the Brock Lesnar bandwagon. There is nothing wrong with being a Brock Lesnar fan. However, Brock Lesnar is making a mockery of those of you who continue to hold Brock Lesnar up as a representative of pro wrestling.

Brock Lesnar on E:60

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