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He’s The Miz…& I Still Don’t Get It

The MizI have watched some strange talent pushed in the WWE over the last 30 years as a pro wrestling fan. But I have never been more confused about a push than anytime I watch The Miz on Monday Night RAW.

This isn’t my first anti-Miz rant and it probably won’t be the last. In 2011 when The Miz won the WWE championship and headlined WrestleMania I deemed The Miz the worst WWE champion in history…and that says a lot. He bombed in the ratings, bombed at the box office, and was nothing special in the ring as champion, which once again makes me wonder why he is being pushed on the WWE roster.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am even more perplexed by the fan reaction to The Miz. The Miz received a huge ovation two weeks ago when he reappeared on WWE RAW after taking a break to film The Marine. He even got a nice reaction when he was announced as a last minute entrant in Money in the Bank. But seeing him voted into the WWE intercontinental title and then getting a big reaction for winning has made me question my tastes in pro wrestling.

Am I too old? Has pro wrestling passed by? Am I not supposed to enjoy The Miz? Maybe The Miz is booked because he is an easy heel for the kids in the WWE Universe to boo. Okay I get that, but how does that explain outpour of appreciation that he has received in recent weeks? It just doesn’t add up to me.

I remember a couple of years back how the hardcore audience loved his promos and would plead his case on the Internet weekly. I never got it. His promos are slow, uncreative, way too deliberate, and just come across as all out phony to me. I need to hear a guy speak with emotion, which I am sure is hard to do it when you are reading off of a script. Yet there are still a handful of talents in the WWE that can bring that realism into their promos whether they are scripted or not. So the whole “guys can’t good promos if they are scripted” argument doesn’t necessarily hold water with me.

Then there is The Miz inside the squared circle. I liken him to a Ken Anderson (although I even watching Anderson over Miz) in that he is very ordinary. He has his one or two big moves yet otherwise the guy is just very Vanilla in the ring. I can’t recall ever watching a “great” match from The Miz. In all fairness there have been some fun ones like the RAW TLC match with Jerry Lawler, but that about does it as far as great Miz matches go.

The biggest why here is why him and not some of the other highly talented guys on the WWE roster that have never been given the chances that he has? Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, and even Dolph Ziggler are guys that are in a much different league either in the ring or/and on promos than The Miz yet they have never received the repeated commitment that the WWE has shown this former reality television star.

[adinserter block=”1″]I really don’t like writing overly critical blogs because it isn’t the kind of tone I like to bring as the editor to the CCB (I’ll save that for some others). But the more and more I watch The Miz, the more and more I just don’t get it and start to question my own sanity when it comes to recognizing talent in pro wrestling. For me, he’s The Miz…and he’s not very good.

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  1. You do realise that Wrestling is targeted at kids right? Maybe you should stop watching it and watch legite sports.

    • Thank you, Captain Obvious. Next thing you know, you'll be trying to tell us that the match results are pre-ordained. Don't know what we'd do without you, Johnny.

  2. I totally get where you are coming from. It's something I've wondered. I liked him at first. The whole "awesome" thing and such worked a bit. But it became stale — fast. Kind of like Zach Ryder. He lost his charm once he "made it." The Miz, though, has never changed. It's the same over and over. I do think he cuts a good promo and he's done some good things (the upside down WWE logo on the mic, for one) that shows he has something. I just think it's become a rerun.

    I kind of thought it might be worth bringing him back as a face. See what he could do. See if he could find some fire. But it's just the same old stale stuff for now.

  3. Miz needs to step up his ring game, plain and simple. I remember hating his championship reign and remembering how Morrison was pretty much completely carrying their WWE championship match on Raw, and then the same thing happening with Lawler and him a month later!

    But he's got his moments, his vid package before his mania match probably highlights his strengths as a character but those moments happen few and far between; and haven't happened at all since he lost the belt.

    I keep telling myself in my head that him vs. punk would be a money fued; they both entered the 'E on kind of their own terms with their own characters and stuff. I haven't given up on the Miz, and I think a good program can be built off of that, but he needs to hang in the ring a little better and his match with Christain was not encouraging.

  4. I feel you on a lot of levels, Eric, but I have to disagree with you regarding his promo ability. I so badly wanted to hate the Miz when he came up, especially when you consider his origins, but I can't anymore. He's too damn good on the mic. He's not a spectacular performer, and by no means should he have headlined Mania, but he's developed a strong character, and I've got to give him props for that.

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