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Herm Edwards’ NFL Man Crush Is Vickening

Herm EdwardsMove over Brett Favre and John Madden, the NFL has a stalker in the booth. Herm Edwards has proven to be a bigger joke as an NFL analyst than he was a coach. As the Eagles analyst, Edwards constant gushing over Michael Vick this pre season has gone from annoyance to just downright disgusting.

Edwards has been calling the Philadelphia Eagles pre season games for the Eagles Television Network. The former coach is also a regular on ESPN’s NFL Live. Edwards lobbying for Vick goes back to the NFL draft and has continued all pre season. If you didn’t read the stats and just listened to Edwards during the Eagles-Jets game you’d think Mike Vick was ready for Canton.

[adinserter block=”1″]The man-love became official when Edwards and the crew named Michel Vick Star of the Game at halftime. That’s right. He was officially named Star of the Game. For those that didn’t watch, Vick threw an interception on his first pass of the game. He did scramble for a 2-yard touchdown but to call him the Star of the Game was just a little too over the top.

The man love got worse throughout the game. At one point I wondered if I was watching the Michael Vick Redemption Story. Whether it was an incomplete pass or a sack, it was never Vick’s fault. Oh no. According to Edwards, it was not Vick who was at fault for getting sacked but it was the Jets fault for blitzing. I couldn’t have made this up if I tried.

The Star of the Game had an absolutely awful second half. In all fairness, I don’t take much away from it. Vick was playing with guys who won’t even make an NFL team. On the other hand, he was also playing against guys who won’t make an NFL team. Regardless, Edwards had an excuse for everything. Vick was sacked in the third quarter and Edwards responds, “That’s okay.” Even my girlfriend who was casually watching looked at me as if to say, “Is he serious?”

I understand that analysts have their favorites but there comes a time where you need to do the job you are being paid to do. Yes, this was the Eagles Television Network but I have never heard an announcer as partisan for one player on Eagles TV or radio in my life. For Edwards to criticize the Jets for blitzing and not Vick for poor play is absurd. For God’s sakes Herm, there are players on the field playing for their jobs! No wonder Herm’s camps in New York were regularly called Club Cupcake.

My feelings on Michael Vick have been made. I have moved on and I am at the point where I can put my anger aside and just enjoy the games. However, the last thing I want to hear is anyone going out of their way defending him. He has a job, now it’s his turn to prove whether he is ready to play in the NFL or not. I don’t need to listen to someone tell me that someone is a great football player when he can’t even elude a fourth-string pass rush. You can shine it, but it is what it is in the end.

[adinserter block=”2″]Herm Edwards is truly a disgrace to the NFL, a disgrace to ESPN, and a disgrace to anyone in sports journalism. Why would ESPN or anyone in the NFL put this guy on television as an analyst when he has an obvious agenda? Maybe he is just a moron? He did claim that Tony Romo was a better quarterback than Eli Manning and said it with a straight face. Does Herm Edwards really believe this stuff or is he just going out of his way to take over Emmitt Smith’s spot on the sports blogs?

New York Jets fans should read this with a sigh of relief. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that if Herm was still coaching that the Jets wouldn’t have drafted Mark Sanchez and Michael Vick would be your starting quarterback this season.

Michael Vick’s Week 4 highlights vs. New York Jets. Thanks to 700level.com for the tip!

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