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Here’s Why ‘Stranger Things 4’ Cost Way More Per Episode Than ‘House of the Dragon’

This sort of budget is only seen in a Marvel production.

Netflix is not kidding with the fourth season of Stranger Things! According to Wall Street Journal, the cost required to make each episode of the fourth season is as much as $30 million. On the other hand, HBO’s House of the Dragon was reported to have cost $20 million per episode for production.

That is like $10 million less than Stranger Things, but since both shows require lots of CGI, costumes, decorated sets, and monsters, HBO still somehow managed to make an episode of House of the Dragon on far less budget than Stranger Things season 4.

So what exactly is happening here? Why the huge flow of money, Netflix? And that too after the ongoing situation. Here is everything we know about it so far:

What’s up Netflix?

The news of Netflix spending such a huge amount on the production of each episode of Stranger Things season 4 comes off as even more of a surprise because of the ongoing budget situation at Netflix. The streaming service is in huge trouble right now.

Netflix lost over $54 billion overnight and to accommodate that loss, they have been bleeding their users dry by raising the cost of subscriptions and also cracking down on people who are sharing their passwords or accounts with their friends, or enemies.

Why Such a Huge Budget?

There could be various reasons if we speculate as to why exactly is Netflix spending such a huge sum of money on each episode. If $30 million per episode does not sound too much to you then a reference might help. To put it into perspective, one episode of Netflix’s Virgin River costs $3 million whereas Bridgerton costs three times as much for one episode which makes it $9 million per episode.

The reasons for spending so much budget could most probably lie in the cast members wanting a bigger paycheck now that they are irreplaceable and popular. The other reason could lie in the episode’s length since each episode will be over 60 minutes so it would take a larger sum to make a longer episode.

Some people are speculating that the locations featured in the next season of the show will be any and will be spread all over the world. So there is a possibility that a huge sum of money went into the production of episodes in so many locations.

Despite all the speculations, it is pretty much clear that Netflix is putting all its hopes on Stranger Things 4 and we can expect some good entertainment if so much money is spent. The fourth season will consist of 9 episodes which makes the total budget for the full season around $270 million.



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