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Here is Why CW Canceled In The Dark and Many Other Shows

The story of Murphy Mason will be forced to come to an abrupt end next month. CW recently announced that the series In The Dark would not be renewed. This means that season 4 will be the final season. It is set to premiere on June 6th on CW.

What Is In The Dark About?

The series followed Murphy Mason, who is played by Perry Mattfeld. Murphy is a blind woman in her 20s. The show started with her being lazy and unhappy with her life and her deadbeat job. Throughout three seasons, she went on to become a vigilante detective for a drug front proprietor.

Season 3 saw her and her friends, Jess, played by Brooke Markham, and Felix, played by Morgan Krantz be on the run after a murder. Her ex-boyfriend Max, played by Casey Deidrick was also on the run with them. They are being pursued by the cops and a drug kingpin called Josiah, played by Maurice Compte.

Season 4 is to premiere in June this year. It will see Murphy trying to survive in jail. Her friends try everything they can to help her. The season will have 13 episodes overall. Hopefully, it will have a satisfactory ending as this will be the final season of the show.

Why Did CW Cancel In The Dark?

In The Dark has been hanging by a thread for some time now. The future of the series, and many others, became uncertain when Netflix and the CW’s deal ended.

Previously, all CW shows came to Netflix in the USA eight days after the season finale was aired. Many popular shows such as Riverdale aired in certain territories as ‘Netflix Originals’. Although shows that debuted after 2019 continue on the same path, series that premiered before 2019 do not get the same treatment.

The most likely cause for the deal to end would be that CW is owned by Warnes Bros, Discovery, and Paramount. Popular belief is that Discovery and Paramount wanted the CW shows to stream on their services, which ultimately became Paramount+ and HBO Max.

Other Shows By CW That Got Canceled

The Dark is not the only show to get canned by the network. Legends Of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Legacies, 4400, Dynasty, Naomi and Rosewell, New Mexico, and Charmed also got canned.

In The Dark can be watched on Netflix, seasons 1 to season 3 are available on the platform. However, season 4 will be premiered on CW on June 6th at 9 p.m. EST.

The show received its order in 2018 and premiered in April 2019. The third season was completed on October 6th, 2021. The series cancelation has been the topic of debate for a while. There was a consistent drop in the viewership of the show as the seasons progressed.

Although the series did see a rise in the viewership on the streaming platform, it was ultimately canceled. However, fans can find some solace in the fact that there is more to the series. They will get to enjoy season 4 before bidding goodbye to the series.



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