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Here Comes Michael Vick, Let the Debate Begin

Michael VickWhat took place shortly after my Facebook posting, because thats where we get our news from, an influx of hatred, anger, satisfaction, intrigue and every other emotion imagineable was being thrown my way. It was as if the world was about to come to an end, an Michael Vick was the man burning it down.

I then went on a mission to get real hard-core opinions from Eagles fans, and fans of rights, be it human or animal cruelty related. I took the time to interview them online and hear their thoughts and opinions. So with the permission of those involved here are some of the statements shared with me about Vick (some words may be edited for content, and some clips rearranged for format).

We first heard from Frank D from Philadelphia. Frank is a business owner and has followed the Eagles for years.

“Only Philadelphia would accept him as an NFL Player. It just adds to the long list of losers that have come through the pro sports revolving door of this city. Donovan Mc Nabb, Terrell Owens, Allen Iverson, and now Michael Vick are at the top of my list. A bunch of losers hiring losers. What does this latest development do for the reputation of this City? Just adds to the (bleep) pile this City is known for !”This man does not deserve an NFL contract. He should have been fed to those poor animals!”

Next I spoke with Gina, also from the Philly area, her story has an interesting twist as you will see.

“I think it’s a privilege to play in the NFL and when you choose to spend your free time slaughtering dogs by hanging, drowning, and shooting them, then you should lose your opportunity to play. He got paid millions of dollars and this is what he chose to do in his free time. I don’t think I can be an Eagles fan anymore. Donte( Stallworth) accidently killed that guy, Vick didn’t drowned, shoot, hang dogs on accident. I’ve worked for an ER Vet hospital for a few years and I’ve seen what happens to these dogs so its tough for me to watch a team that has someone who plays for them that has done this.I can’t accept it”

I found the opinion of someone who has worked along side animals who have been victims of such cruelty to be a good measuring stick as to what people were saying and thinking.

I also found some Vick supporters,as you’ll see in the next statements.

Avid Philly sports fan Matt S. added:

“I know Vick did some bad stuff to animals, but he served his time, thats enough for me, i’m all for it. I think hes an insurance policy, in fact, i dont think Vick would start even if ( Donovan) McNabb got hurt, I think ( Kevin ) Kolb would start. I think after this year is a totally different story, his contract next year is over 5 million team option, so who knows? I deplore what Vick did, but also understand that he served over 2 years for it.There are drug dealers and rapists that don’t serve that much but Vick did. Personally i don’t think hes a very good qb, thats why i think they brought him on to be a wideout unless McNabb gets hurt which isn’t totally out of the question as he gets hurt alot”

Joe N, a season ticket holder had this to say:

“I don’t think he will be used as a back-up QB! Can you say wildcat/receiver/Rb/returner/ option pass. From a football perspective I like it!”

From Mike in Wyndmor:

“Heck yeah, why wouldn’t you want a pro bowl QB to be your back up? It can’t hurt us at all.”

So finally I looked into a little more of a non-die hard fan perspective for some views from people who arent as influenced by football. Julie from Jenkintown, Pa. adds:

“Here’s my non-expert opinion on the situation. He may be a good player (or great player, I really don’t know), but that will all be overshadowed by the stupid mistakes he made in the past, and fans are tough, they’re not likely to overlook that. It seems to be an unfortunate mistake on his part that will stay with him for the rest of his career no matter where he is.”

As the night went on the opinions grew faster and more furious, everyone was coming at me wanting to have their Vick opinions posted or heard. It was as if a good ol’ fashioned witch hunt had broken out in our backyard. Lucky for me I found one person not from our backyard, but from Wyoming. Not at all a football town, not at all influenced by the matters at hand and she made a lengthy statement as to what she feels. Her name is Dustee and she’s 21 years old. She has spent alot of her life around horses and other farm animals,and has seen some true animal cruelty first hand. She gave me this piece ( almost a full blog in itself, so I had brought it down a bit).

“Mr. Vick has served the time proscribed by the law for his infraction. In our system of justice, he should now be free to re-enter society in whatever capacity he can. Sadly, Mr. Vick will probably be victimized by society just like an average Joe. Our system has devolved into one in which any mistake which could potentially result in a lawsuit – in essence, any mistake which might cause someone to claim to be “offended” – are never forgiven, because Big Brother never forgets, and our legal system makes sure that Big Brother knows everything.

Today a man accused of sexual harassment for telling a dirty joke can lose his livelihood, a woman who uses the “N” word in a moment of anger can be convicted of a civil rights violation with the same penalty, insulting the wrong religion, voicing an opinion, or fratenizing with the wrong crowd can be penalized. There are too many lawyers, and too many people looking for an excuse to use them. It’s completely wrong, but the fact is, most likely he is toast! Not that I want him to be though!”

So here we are, staring in the face of a huge controversy. Instead of celebrating the kickoff of a new season, many Eagles fans were quoted as “throwing up in their mouths”, “throwing away their Eagles jerseys”, “Boycotting and Banning the Eagles” and some people just down right F-Bombed the whole situation. It was as if the game was being played in earnest. I thought to myself “if an Eagles game is played and no one is around to watch it, does it make a sound?” The sound from where I was sitting was frightful!

Is it because of where he ended up? If the story had broken out that Vick was now a Jacksonville Jaguar would people care as much about it? Has Philadelphia become a city so engulfed in negative behaviors that the very second a questionable move is made, we go into chaos?

We have not the slightest of ideas what the role of Vick will even be here. The scenarios are many and i’ve heard them all. He will be a Wildcat Qb. He will be a backup, a receiver, trade bait, someone to blame, and so on. Michael Vick has become more things over the course of one evening than even the wildest case of Dissociative identity disorder ( mulitple personality disorder ) could ever be.

In my humble opinion he has come off as arrogant at times. He has appeared lazy and careless.He’s been linked to marijuana smoking and smuggling it onto an airplane.He has been seen on TV giving a middle finger to the fans in Atlanta. As a QB in this league he’s downright average. As an athlete he’s amazing. He can run and juke and move like very few that have ever played the game. His scrambles and play-making abilities can look downright poetic. If anything i’m curious to see what the Eagles and Andy Reid have in store for him, and for that i’m pushing aside his actions, even if for a few months. Is it right or wrong of me to do? Well thats why we live in a society. Love it or hate it, we all have our right to choose.

As the evening drew to a close I heard from my ultimate football buddy, and my best friend on this planet, my man C.J. He and I shared this one great quote that Eagles fans everywhere will not be able to help but shake their heads in the yes motion about:

“If he brings a Superbowl To Philadelphia, We will all be there standing and cheering him on.”

Don’t even try and fool yourselves “Green Bleeders” You KNOW you will.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and to those I could not get to, thanks for your opinions. Other views and opinions can be viewed on my Facebook page and I encourage you to add me to see what else was shared

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at [email protected]

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