Heidi Pratt Leaves the Jungle for the Hospital


heidiprattNBC’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! reality show turned into the Heidi and Spencer Pratt show in Week 1. Call it karma or payback, but it was reported that Heidi Pratt was taken to the hospital over the weekend.

I have never seen or heard of the Pratts before watching the show. All I know is that the two came off as complete idiots during the first week. Beyond the glitz, the show is about celebrities raising money for charity. The Pratts turned the show into a vehicle of self-promotion and grandstanding beyond even Omarosa levels.

[adinserter block=”1″]The public weren’t the only ones turned off to the antics. The Pratts alienated themselves from the rest of the cast almost immediately. Spencer went postal and got in the face of several women in the cast. He even had words with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, including accusing her of steroid abuse. You know something is wrong when you are stuck in the jungle with Janice Dickenson and she is the sane one.

The two tried to return to the show after quitting. Given the fact that the cast had to spend days in the jungle, it was a little unfair that the two had a good night’s sleep, full meals, and would return well-rested. As punishment, the two would have to sleep in a shed full of rats, bats, spiders, and other friends. This was the last we saw of the Pratts before the show last aired on Thursday night.

Heidi and Spence have really made a mockery of the entire show. It is unclear as to exactly what happened to Heidi. I doubt she was bitten because what bat or rat wants to bite a bitter, spoiled piece of meat? Apparently something went wrong somewhere as Heidi got out of there and wound up in the hospital.

[adinserter block=”2″]I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! returns to NBC on Monday night for a two-hour show. I am sure Heidi’s exit will play a big part of the show. It is fair to say that she is probably done for good after being hospitalized. I don’t think she will get much sympathy from any of her cast mates or viewers at home.

It is back to The Hills and a life of obscurity for Heidi Pratt. Considering that NBC airs The Hills on MTV, it is a win-win for the peacock network.

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