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Has WWE Creative Blown It With Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph ZigglerIf there is one thing that the pro wrestling blogosphere can agree on these days it is that Dolph Ziggler is fantastic. Unfortunately all of his hard work will probably result in nothing and he can thank the WWE creative team for that.

I was never a big Ziggler fan and used to tune when he first hit the scene a few years back. I never got him during his WWE world title run and quite frankly, never gave him a shot. But something has opened me up to this guy in recent weeks to the point where I am now convinced he may be the best worker on the roster and I am not the only one.

[ad 6]Follow the social media networks during RAW or read any of the hundreds if not thousands of pro wrestling blogs online and you will find a groundswell of support for Ziggler in recent weeks. It slowly started last year but really peaked with this television series against Randy Orton. Now the man is hitting it out of the park weekly and everyone is noticing…well everyone except the people that matter, the WWE creative team.

In what has to be the most perplexing booking I have seen in a long time, it almost appears that the WWE brass are doing everything they can to stop his momentum. From booking him to lose four times in a row to CM Punk at the Royal Rumble to taking the pin in a Six-Pack Challenge, the WWE appear determined to end his momentum immediately and that just stinks.

Ziggler would be a top guy for life in another era. His amateur wrestling credentials are impeccable but guess what? You’d never even know he was a standout collegiate wrestler for one of the best programs in the country if you didn’t do a little investigative work online. Rarely are his credentials mentioned which is ironic because in any other era, they would be his calling card, and the man would be booked as one of the most serious threats in the company.

What Ziggler has that separates him from even some of the most legendary credentialed pioneers is that he has “it.” In the ring, Ziggler looks like a star, wrestles like a star, talks a star, walks like a star, and shockingly is not booked a star. Ziggler is booked as a doormat, a stepping stone, and what I would call a high-level jobber. For a guy this good, his booking is just downright criminal.

But what is most egregious of all is that the WWE has presented him consistently as this doormat. No matter how much better Ziggler gets, no matter how much support he gets outside of the WWE, and no matter how ready he is to be an elite WWE player, it’ll never work. See The Miz, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, and countless others over the last several years as prime examples of guys that the WWE tried to elevate to elite status that never caught on. The reason these guys and Ziggler won’t catch on is that nobody will ever take them seriously, thanks to their booking history. CM Punk even with his monster push is underperforming in some areas and that all goes back to his prior booking in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”1″]As much as people like to complain about the WWE booking in recent years, this is the biggest problem of all. Their lack of ability to develop stars into big time money players is hurting the company and will continue to harm them for years to come. Instead of molding and protecting young blue chippers like successful territories and promotions before them, they beat them down into jokes. By the time someone like Ziggler is ready to get the big push, the fans have seen him jobbed out for the last few years and refuse to take him seriously as a money player, thus hurting Ziggler’s ability to draw money at the box office. It happens all of the time and doesn’t appear to change.

Could Ziggler break this cycle? Anything is possible but it is a tough road. One thing Ziggler has over past failed attempts to promote is the ability to steal the show. Maybe with enough great matches, fans can forget the Dolph Ziggler that was pinned four times at the Rumble and beaten twice on RAW in the Six Pack Challenge?

I hope it happens and I am rooting for the guy but the reality is that the chances of Ziggler or anyone caught up in this booking cycle of parity has of climbing the ladder and staying there is not very good.

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  1. I totally agree . I mean, Ziggler is an awesome wrestler. He also carries himself like a star, and could be huge, but he was given a garbage World Title reign of 10 minutes in length just to get over a dumb angle, and made Ziggler and the eventual 11 time World Champ, Edge both look like dopes. Now, he is being made to look like a jobber. WWE wonders why no one is getting over?

  2. Oh, and his name is terrible and creative has no clue anyway, example is Morrison and how he was supposed to be champ many times over… well, he was pussy whipped so that's on him. I've seen too many "shoulda woulda coulda" guys over the years because they still protect the "boys" and push the "looks but no substance" guys. For me, it was over when they cut Horshu!!

  3. This is why the WWE needs Pat Patterson. He's the ticket to the top!! Now how do these guys giv.. get ahead? Oh, that's right, you have to be Triple H's workout buddy, duh!!


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