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Has WWE blown the opportunity to turn John Cena heel?

John Cena RAW promoWhile I don’t consider myself to be a booker or an armchair quarter back, I think that the WWE dropped the ball to turn John Cena heel at the Survivor Series. The company had the perfect setting at the perfect venue with the perfect match, and yet again they continue to keep Cena as a face.

I did not order the event because I felt that there was a 99.99% percent chance that WWE would not “pull the trigger” to turn Cena heel. Yet Cena was practically booed out of Madison Square Garden from what I read on various websites.

Creative could have had Cena turn on The Rock with him (Cena) joining up with The Miz and R-Truth to cause an “injury” storyline, followed by Cena taunting the crowd with how he is booed each week, how he has supported the kids, etc. and then tell the CenaNation they can “stick it.” This would have made their feud and storyline that much more interesting.

[adinserter block=”2″]It would have made for great television and I would have paid $45.00 just to see that alone if I knew it was going to happen. As of right now, their feud really means nothing to me, and I don’t really care much about it at this point, and it doesn’t spark any interest at this point for me to even consider plunking down the money to order WrestleMania 28.

One reason I thought of as to why WWE didn’t turn Cena heel at Survivor Series was that everyone was expecting it. Then I thought, who am I kidding, the kids and girls cheer him, so in turn they buy his t-shirts. I had some hope, but not much that WWE would somehow turn Cena on Raw the next night, but without an appearance from The Rock, it would make no sense.

It should be expected that The Rock will make some kind of appearance at the 2012 Royal Rumble to further the feud leading into WrestleMania 28 in Miami next April, so WWE has another major pay-per view to either turn Cena heel at the Royal Rumble or have The Rock make an appearance the next night on Raw and do it then.

But then again, is the opportunity to make Cena into a bad guy too far gone and too late at this point in the game? Some may argue yes and some may argue no. With as much heat as Cena receives each week, being booed over and over again, I think WWE has a very prime opportunity to “shock the world” and give their long time good guy who has been the face of the company and Monday Night Raw a new look and a new fresh attitude.

I give Eric Bischoff and Kevin Sullivan credit for is taking that unexpected chance with Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach in 1996 when they made him the third member of the nWo. Hogan himself does deserve credit also for making the heel character work as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]During the original Monday Night War, Vince didn’t have to really worry about competing with Monday Night Football, but however, prior to CM Punk recapturing the WWE Championship WWE’s main show has been more like Monday Night Blah. Raw has potential to be interesting television each week with CM Punk as the top babyface of the flagship show and John Cena as the top heel of Raw.

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