Has The WWE Further Hurt CM Punk’s Chances of Winning A World Title?


After last night, the WWE World Title situation got a little more cloudy. Now that Batista is in the hunt for the belt his former Evolution mate Randy Orton has, things will get a whole lot of interesting in the coming months. Add names like Brock Lesnar and John Cena to the mix and there may not be enough camera time or scripts for the more worthy contenders to challenge for the title.

[adinserter block=”1″]Somehow, I think this means CM Punk’s chances of winning the title have evaporated and the man who held the belt longer than any other WWE champion in recent history will have to either wait his turn, find a feud to engulf himself in for a year or so, or retire as it had been rumored last year he might do in the near future.

The idea of Orton as the company’s true heel and the most hated wrestler sits well with the angle the WWE is taking now, but with so many flies in the ointment of the brand and the fact there is now only one world title to speak of, there could be complications that arise from such a bold step to eliminate a belt we have been asking to be retired for some time.

I guess we all must be careful what we wish for from time to time.

The fact is CM Punk will never sniff the WWE World Title as long as Vince and the boys continue to bring retreads in to challenge the WWE flavor of the month does nothing to help Daniel Bryan, any other upstart or Punk. While fighting The Shield and the New Age Outlaws each week is compelling, it gets about as old as seeing Alberto Del Rio challenge Rey Mysterio week after week.

Punk has been part of two great programs with Lesnar and more importantly Paul Heyman at the end of last year and now, in a great way of leading to the demise of their unholy trinity, Punk has crack the armor of The Shield. In reality, however, he has done nothing because once he lost the WWE Title to The Rock, Punk hasn’t been even close to a title shot.

Shame on the WWE for making that kind of error.

What I think is going to happen is pretty simple. The set up for Punk has been laid out in front of him. The Second City Saint starts first in the Royal Rumble match. While I do not think he wins the battle royal now, I do think he sets himself up nicely to battle The Authority, and Batista – not Randy Orton.

There is more appeal to a Batista/Punk match and feud. It also lends nicely to how Orton is pushed out of the Authority, much like he was pushed out of Evolution after he won the WWE Title for the first time. In this case, yes the program of the past makes the program of the present even stronger. Still, however, this remains to be seen where there are other superstars who may have a hand in the future of the title and the position of Batista vs. the position of Orton.

Last night on Raw, there were cracks in the Authority and its Teflon coating. Kane may also factor into the ultimate success and failure of Punk because he has the power to determine his fate and has done so in the Royal Rumble.

Could this mean Punk brings out the monster in Kane again, ultimately leading to a match at Elimination Chamber? Who knows, but to see Kane back in the ring and out of a suit would be a glorious thing.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE put Kane in a suit because honestly there are too many main event stars in the company right now – especially with Lesnar and Batista returning and the rumor of Chris Jericho again making his way back to the Northeast. Come to think of it, all three superstars could ultimately along with Kane seal Punk’s fate in 2014.

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  1. Batista vs Punk is meh! The most interesting main eventer currently is Lesnar (Bryan too). The easy answer is to put him in the msin spot against anyone.


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