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Has The Rock Returned Or Is He Just Teasing Us?

The WWE either did the smartest thing it has done in months or created too much buzz over a potential one-time appearance when The Rock walked into Raw Monday night and laid the smack down on Rusev. While the thousands in attendance in New Jersey watched with excitement – as only The Rock can deliver, it raised more questions as to what direction the company is turning, and more importantly when and if this might lead to a showdown between “The People’s Champ” and the current champion of the WWE, Brock Lesnar.

[adinserter block=”1″]Lesnar is on a short schedule right now with the company and will not be defending his WWE World Title at Hell in a Cell this month, which for me and the millions (and millions) of wrestling fans does not sit well. Scheduling issues, contract issues and no true opponent for Lesnar on the current roster have left holes in a lineup up can drive a tractor trailer through.

The WWE has been famous for bringing back veteran superstars who have spent short stints in the company with the hope of making a baseball-like save, only to leave in time. There have also been wrestlers like Chris Jericho who repeatedly come and go, help put rising stars over, and then there are wrestlers like Batista where things go south faster than a Roman Reigns spear.

As Eric Gargiulo pointed out in his story “The Rock Returns to WWE RAW,” ( The WWE desperately needed that boost from The Rock. Other than Dean Ambrose, the company is really struggling in creative. The storylines aren’t clicking and you saw an entire arena turn on most of the show Monday, sans a few segments like the Rock’s. Not that a one-night return of the Rock is going to turn things around, maybe it will somehow motivate the creative team to give the fans what the fans want and not want creative wants.

The Road to WrestleMania began the day after the event ended in New Orleans in April. The company looked a little more alive … Daniel Bryan was champion. Roman Reigns was about to become a household name. Bray Wyatt was just uncorking his potential and The Authority angle looked fresher and more exciting.

The move by the WWE, and kudos to them for keeping this as tight-lipped as possible, to have us all smell what The Rock was cooking last night means a few things. The angle with Dean Ambrose and John Cena is about to get red-hot. The thought of Lesnar and the WWE World Title is on the back burner for now and the idea of Roman Reigns taking over the company will have to wait until after the Royal Rumble. As it stands right now, The Rock had to come to New Jersey and save the day,

Right now, we are not sure if this was a cameo appearance or if The Brahma Bull will fight in a WWE ring or was he just defending America for all the world to see like every good movie actor does. The potential for a Dusty Rhodes-like performance where The Rock defends the flag against Rusev not only helps save the WWE, but it also helps put the mid-card behemoth over and on the fast track toward WWE gold.

[adinserter block=”2″]While wrestlers like Cesaro and Wyatt have stalled, Rusev will move forward.

All of this is great, if The Rock wrestles and it leads to a showdown with Lesnar in the future. If not, then only half the goal is reached and for those of us still wanting more from our current WWE champion, we still play the nasty game of waiting.

If you can smell what the WWE might be cooking.

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