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Sen. Harry Reid Congratulates Chuck Liddell on UFC 115 Win

Dana White and Harry Reid credit: Dave Meltzer reports a humorous story involving Nevada Senator Harry Reid and Chuck Liddell. Meltzer reports that Harry Reid took some friends over to meet Chuck Liddell at UFC 116. Reid congratulated Chuck Liddell on winning his last fight. Problem being, Liddell was knocked out at UFC 115 in Round 1 by Rich Franklin.

“A funny story from UFC 116. Henry Reid, the senate majority leader, from Nevada, who was at the show with his son (who is running for Governor of Nevada), went up to Liddell and congratulated him on his recent win. Liddell, I guess not wanting to embarrass anyone, just said, “thanks.””

Not to mention that Chuck Liddell is 0-3 in his last 3 fights and hasn’t won a fight since 2007 but who’s counting?

Harry Reid even ran a contest on his website giving away a chance to sit with him and UFC president Dana White at UFC 116. On his website Harry claims to have been a fight fan since he was a very young man and that “UFC’s rise” caught his attention. I would call bull on that one. How can such a big fan be that oblivious to the biggest star in the UFC getting knocked out just a few weeks back? It isn’t as if Chuck Liddell is just some kid fresh off of The Ultimate Fighter.

[adinserter block=”1″]I love hearing these stories about politicians who try and portray themselves as big sports fans and yet wind up being exposed for frauds. has a great rundown of politicians making famous sports gaffes and needless to say that Sen. Harry Reid certainly isn’t the first politician to make such an obvious sports gaffe and definitely won’t be the last.

There was Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley referring to Curt Schilling as just another “Yankees fan.”

[adinserter block=”2″]The late Ted Kennedy referred to Sammy Sosa as “Sammy Sooser.”

Massachusetts (Do any politicians in the New England area watch sports?) Senator John Kerry called Lambeau Field “Lambert Field” during the 2004 presidential election.

President Barack Obama spoke at the MLB All-Star Game of his many memories at “Cominsky Field,” when referring to Comiskey Park. –Breitbart.TV

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