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Hanging up the Belt: Is It Possible?

As you can tell by my bio, I was born and raised in the state of South Carolina. The biggest joke was that it was home to the three R’s: Rednecks, Racin’ and ‘Rastlin.

Of course that’s just being stereotypical and we do have more to offer in this glorious state of ours. If you’re wondering what this has to do with the wrestlers and when is it time to stop, I’m getting to that point.

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There was the headline: big, bold and in my face. And for a moment, I felt a hint of sadness for this man. He was a wrestler that I once fainted over during my first live wrestling event. He was big. He was sexy. He is Kevin Nash.

On October 3rd, in the small yet thriving city of Hartsville, South Carolina, a special Big Time Wrestling event will be held with the likes of Kevin Nash, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, The Rock’N’Roll Express, and “Wildfire” Tommy Rich. Autograph sessions will be held alongside an event that they promise will be super exciting.

I may be a bit overly critical here when I’m writing this but at what point do wrestlers stop?

TNA has gone downhill to only Pay-Per-Views and dark matches. I could say so much about the reason for their demise but that’s another story in itself. In this one I ask you, when is it time to hang up the belt?

Sting, Ric Flair, and some of the other greats are still bowing to the feet of Mr. McMahon. Of course Ric is still involved because his daughter “Charlotte” is doing so well in the WWE. Sting came over because he could see the demise of TNA. However, Kevin Nash took it upon himself to start a Federation.

I don’t know personally how hard it is to run a federation. I’m friends with people who are in a small indie federation out of Lincolnton, North Carolina (Millennium Wrestling Federation). I know that they do everything for free and the entry fees do nothing but pay for the rental of the building.

Can big names keep a small federation like Big Time Wrestling going?

Ric Flair is showing support to Kevin by appearing at some of their matches. I swear you’ll find that man everywhere. Especially if you live in Charlotte, NC. He’s a good guy. And apparently, still tries to show support to all his past wrestling buddies.

After I ask the question of “when is it time to stop?” do I realize the question should be, “can they stop?”

[adinserter block=”2″]The answer is no.

As long as I’ve been around, even to this day, you can see it on the faces of every wrestler who walks into that ring that they live for that moment. They’re bound and determined to keep that feeling alive and they’ll do it at whatever cost it may be.

To every wrestler, be it a small indie federation to a large one such as the WWE, every wrestler lives for that moment of cheers (and jeers) when entering the ring. When they look out from the ropes and see people either chanting their names or booing them, they feel a rush. It’s that rush that keeps them going.

I originally planned to write this entry criticizing Kevin Nash for even attempting to continue his career through his own federation and then I realized, I’m wrong. Who am I to tell a wrestler when it’s time to quit?

We all have something in our lives that keeps us going and for the wrestlers, it’s that feeling of euphoria in the ring.

And who am I to try to make them stop?

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Elicia Moore
Elicia Moore is not a stranger to the world of wrestling or football. Thanks to three different family influences, she became a fan of college football at a really young age and wrestling during her teen years. Her favorite teams include the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and the Green Bay Packers. She's a mom to three and is an event planner and photographer when she's not huddled around the TV cheering on her favorite teams or wrestlers. Elicia was born and raised in South Carolina but now resides in Charlotte, NC.


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