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Handicapping the WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Main Event

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Six men enter, one will leave with the WWE World Title. Odds are it will not be the current champion John Cena.

If Elimination Chamber means anything, it will be the arc of setting up a match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. And if WWE was smart, it would keep the belt on Wyatt for the foreseeable future.

The company has shown its hand with Monday Night Raw, guaranteeing a win by Goldberg at Fastlane over Kevin Owens for the Universal Heavyweight Title, which leads to a confrontation with Brock Lesnar with the red team’s title belt on the line. As soon as the challenge was issued by the challenger on Monday night, there had to be a few hundred writers and bloggers scratching their heads wondering what the company was doing.

Yes, I was one of them.

While I cannot get behind a title change that gives a part-timer the strap, I can fully get behind a match at Elimination Chamber that takes the WWE World Title off John Cena and gives a fresh face a chance to run with it. WWE’s biggest Achilles Heel has been keeping part-time performers at the head of the class and not using the talent on the roster to promote titles. The Rock had a less than stellar run. The same can be said for Brock Lesnar. Now, it would appear Goldberg will walk into Orlando at WrestleMania 33 and do the same thing. The only saving grace with this kind of move is the lack of depth in singles competition to warrant another swerve.

Big Cass isn’t ready. Rusev has been all but forgotten. Seth Rollins is injured and Roman Reigns is now the next victim for The Undertaker. Cesaro and Sheamus are a solid tag team and we aren’t sure yet when Samoa Joe will become a contender for a title. My gut tells me Finn Balor returns to action before that happens.

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OK, back to the original discussion. There is a case to be made for all six participants. Here are a few things to ponder.

John Cena is the current title holder and is now a 16-time world champion. Taking the title away from him two weeks after he defeated AJ Styles makes no sense. I am not a fan of the Cena victory, as I have stated, but I do realize it has a place in wrestling history. Still taking the belt off Cena now is a slap in the face is old school wrestling and the greatest of all time, Ric Flair.

AJ Styles has been the most consistent wrestler on WWE’s roster the past year. Styles has been a breath of fresh air since coming to the company at last year’s Royal Rumble. While he showed the ability to beat Cena on three different occasions and has been a fighting champion, I do not see him reclaiming the title just yet. Styles will be champion again – this time as a babyface.

The Miz he has been the best babyface the company has put on television the past six months. Mike Mizanin and his wife Maryse have brought back the old school component of heel and valet. The connection between the two has worked well against Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. Now, with a chance to claim the blue team’s top prize, will The Miz and Maryse become WWE’s top power couple.

Dean Ambrose has tasted WWE gold before, but he may be the least likely to walk out of the pay-per-view with the title. The Lunatic Fringe is now on the fringe of the main event, looking to find a way to remain relevant while WWE moves forward. The biggest problem with this match for Ambrose is there isn’t much left for him on Tuesday nights. I would love to see him in a program with Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 33.

Baron Corbin will win the WWE World Title at some point. Yes, I think I just sounded like JBL talking about every company superstar that gets in the ring. Corbin is the hot pick, the guy who will make some noise, possibly be the man who is pinned by the winner, setting up a feud after WrestleMania 33. Corbin is what Kevin Owens was before he won the Universal Title. It’s only a matter of time before WWE gets behind him and gives him the push he deserves.

Bray Wyatt or “The Eater of Worlds” hasn’t won a singles title in WWE. Now, he is on the precipice of becoming the leader of the band. For years, Wyatt has been the one who sold for every other WWE superstar. Now, with a match that allows him to win the belt without pinning the champion, Wyatt can shine and move on to WrestleMania 33 to face his disciple, Randy Orton. This match is more appealing than a feud between Orton and Cena.

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