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Looking at Halloween Costumes through a Mother’s Eyes

Baby Princess Leia Costume On September 22, 2009, Jeanne Sager’s article about toys and books was posted on the website Sager did not write about the typical books and toys for children. She wrote about her desire for more toys and books that could relate to the concerns of multiethnic children. Her comments suggest a vacuum in the area of Halloween costumes.

Provided with the right Halloween costume, a multiethnic child could feel more confident about his or her status as a “mutt.” A number of celebrities in the sports world appreciate the challenges of growing up in a multiethnic household. A costume that would allow a child to mimic a well know athlete could throw the limelight on the finest character traits in any well respected, sports hero, including one with a multiethnic background.

[adinserter block=”1″]Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to find such a costume on any store shelf. Therefore, as Halloween approaches, the mother of a child in a multiethnic family needs to become creative. She should give thought to fashioning a costume that copies, as closely as possible, the general look of a multiethnic sports celebrity.

Still, if a child from a multiethnic family has lived in more than one country, then that child might be able to assemble the makings of a less specific costume. That child might, for example, create a costume that resembles the native dress in one of the cultures to which that child has been exposed.

As an example, this writer has decided to describe the costume used by an Iranian student at his first Halloween party in the United States. That Iranian student had spent two years in India. Moreover, that Iranian youth had a dark complexion, a complexion much like the skin coloring on the majority of Indian peoples. On that first Halloween, that Iranian youth wrapped his head in a white turban and draped his body in a white sheet. He looked like someone who had just emerged from a flight that had originated in India.

That Iranian youth was not afraid to make use of his distinctive skin coloring. That Iranian youth had not come from a multiethnic family, but he had been raised to look beyond skin color, when choosing trustworthy friends. At the same time, that Iranian youth had learned to be assertive. He did not shy away from calling attention to his noticeably darker complexion.

Every parent who has been charged with raising a multiethnic child ought to study carefully the attitude of that one Iranian youth. That youth did not create the sort of costume that could somehow poke fun at a native to the country of India. Rather that youth created a costume that underlined the similarities between citizens of Iran and citizens of India.

[adinserter block=”2″]Such a costume highlights one of the ideal characteristics for any Halloween costume that is going to be worn by a multiethnic child. A parent of any ethnicity should be ready to work with a child that aspires to put together a fitting, multiethnic costume.

The above article was written by Sue Chehrenegar. Sue has written a number of holiday themed articles. Sue likes to make each holiday a “learning experience.” She thus develops her articles with that in mind. After getting a degree in biology, Sue used her research skills to expand her personal knowledge in the area of child development. She has her own blog at

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