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Delightful Halloween Decorating Ideas

Life Size Witch with Fogging CauldronAs you look around at your stash of Halloween decorations, you may long for ones that have a bit more pizzazz and flair. While store-bought ones look nice, sometimes they can get too bland and mundane. However, never fear! This handy list contains links to some amazing props and decorations that are available to buy online.

Animated Floating Ghost
White Reaper
Battery Operated Mini Strobe with Sounds
[adinserter block=”2″]• Shrunken Head In Flask
Halloween Lights
Dead Bride Prop
Inflatable Black Cat
Tombstone Prop
Boo Monster Figure
Crashing Witch
Hanging Bats
Vampire with Wings
Glow in the Dark Skeleton
Scary Man
Life Sized Witch with Cauldron
Silver Skull Fence
Reaper Group
Raven with Light Up Eyes
Winged Reaper
Talking Hickory Jack

Now, when you decorate, try to keep to one theme and a few colors. If you’re going for kid-friendly and cute, don’t put up animated props that would likely scare the bejeezus out of a child and stick to warm colors, like gold and red so as to make your house look warm, inviting, and kid-friendly. If you have older teenagers or want more of a traditional horror house theme, then make it as dark and spooky as you can. Choose your theme wisely, and then decorate around said theme.

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[adinserter block=”1″]Also remember to have only a few extra-special decorations, especially if your budget is tight. One or two animated props will be the eye-catching centerpiece of the house and will make your store-bought decorations look nicer.

As always, enjoy decorating as a time to unleash your inner creative genius and make sure to have a good time! – Halloween costumes, ideas, and more blogs!

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