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Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers

There are many crafts that can be done with toddlers and parents to celebrate the Halloween season. Crafts can help to explain the holiday to toddlers, and help to build the excitement of the impending day – even help to increase the hand and eye coordination of the toddler.

Here are some popular Halloween crafts that can be completed with toddlers:

Halloween Finger and Hand Painting
Using traditional Halloween colors, finger painting can take on entirely new shapes with the hands are used. An entire handprint on the paper can become a spooky Halloween tree that can be decorated with ghosts, pumpkins and other Halloween themed images. This is a great way to integrate shapes into playtime and increase the knowledge of colors.

Halloween Snake Egg Cartons
The best crafts are made with items that you may already have lying around the house. This craft is created with one side of an egg carton, which can be created by cutting the egg carton in half. Once it has been cut (by the parent) the child can decorate the snake with black paint and eyes, as well as other Halloween decorations. Toddlers will enjoy the structured activity working with paint to create something that can be displayed in the home.

Halloween Witch Hands
Halloween witch hands can be created for Garland in the home and include hands that are cut from green, yellow and black craft papers. Hands are cut from the paper and can be traced around the toddlers or the parents hands to create the garland. Once the hands have been traced, the hands are cut from the paper and can be attached to each other with string and decorated with warts, stickers and other decorations to bewitch the magic hands.

Halloween Puppets
Using traditional cutouts that are made from colored paper, and craft sticks, puppets can be used to promote imagination in toddlers. This activity can be completed using stencils found online, or cut by hand in the shape of jack-o-lanterns, witches hats and cauldrons and even bats. The puppets can be decorated by the toddler and attached to the sticks, to create puppets that can also help to explain Halloween to the young child.

These Halloween crafts for toddlers are a great way to explain the celebrations, the reason for the celebrations and create art projects that are holiday specific. Going beyond the traditional pumpkin carving can help the toddler to enjoy Halloween activities they can participate in.

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