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Halloween Is Over, But It Still lives on 24/7

Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm StreetThe costumes have been stuffed into the back of our closets, pictures were taken, candy was distributed and memories were most definitely made. In my house, as elsewhere, an austere feeling has set itself right next where my pumpkins once called home. In a perfect world, Halloween would be once a week. But for us who live here, the only reminders of Halloween are the classic thrillers created by director that understood the beauty that fear can evoke. My personal top four favorite scary films are:

[adinserter block=”1″]Rosemary’s Baby: Okay, so this movie isn’t exactly going to make you jump out of your seats screaming, but this 1968 creeper fest has lived to become one of the most creepiest movies created. 41 years later, this movie not only included one of the most unique plots, it also had of the most convincing portrayal of the devil ever seen. Demonic Movies are rarely done right, and Rosemary’s Baby is the great exception.

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Nightmare On Elm Street: This movie is also one of the most depressing ones out there because a younger Johnny Depp gets devoured and as an avid supporter of the man, that scene is one I just need fast forward over. Anyway, the dreams, or should I say nightmares of children come to reality when a murderer named Freddy (have you heard of him??) stalks them until death.

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Salem’s Lot: Besides being my all-time favorite Stephen King Novels next to Carrie, this is a great movie. Vampires suddenly move into a neighborhood and one by one suddenly begin multiplying and feeding on the townspeople. A great juxtaposition to all the new vampire love movies out there (*cough*cough* twilight)

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[adinserter block=”2″]Saw: By Saw, I only refer to the first one. Although the other five are quite scary and are not short of any gore, the plot of them slowly revolves around the teenage cliché scary movie. This Saw follows the horrors that two men face while being held by Jigsaw, a serial killer. Quickly, this movie becomes one of physiological manipulation and a disgusting outcome.

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