Guitar Hero 6 Shreds With Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockI was once a Guitar Hero addict. The game screamed to my musical tastes of heavy metal and classic rock. My interest leveled off as Guitar Hero got away from its roots over the last few years shifting from rock and metal to mainstream and pop. That may change with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

The reason that I loved the first couple of Guitar Hero games so much was because of the music. The choices from Slayer to Kiss to Aerosmith to Slipknot were right off of my iPod. To compete with Rock Band which had a more diverse song collection, Guitar Hero sold out. Instead of shredding riffs and head banging beats players were treated to the smooth sounds of Michael Jackson and Willie Nelson. I stopped playing, sold my games, and so did a lot of fans as indicated in falling Guitar Hero sales. Fortunately Guitar Hero may have found a band aid with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Early indications are that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will feature predominately classic and rock and heavy metal music. A partial set list has been released and other than a few punk and alternative songs, it looks like this will be a much more guitar-focused game like the early (and better versions). Of course there are still a few oddballs in the early set list, so I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. Yet it looks like Activision is on the right path to restoring the intensity that left Guitar Hero over the last few years.

Confirmed songs for the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock set list are…

“Aqualung” – Jethro Tull

“Bat Country” – Avenged Sevenfold

“Been Caught Stealing” – Jane’s Addiction

“Bleed It Out” – Linkin Park

“Bloodlines” – Dethklok

“Bodies” – Drowning Pool

“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

“Chemical Warfare” – Slayer

“Children of the Grave” – Black Sabbath

“Dance, Dance” – Fall Out Boy

“Dancing Through Sunday” – AFI

“Fascination Street” – Cure The Cure

“Feels Like the First Time” – Foreigner

“Fury of the Storm” – DragonForce

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise) – ” – My Chemical Romance

“If You Want Peace… Prepare for War” – Children of Bodom

“Indians” – Anthrax

“Interstate Love Song” – Stone Temple Pilots

“Love Gun” – Kiss

“Modern Day Cowboy” – Tesla

“Money for Nothing” – Dire Straits

“No Way Back” – Foo Fighters

“Paranoid” (Live) – Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” (Live) – Def Leppard

“Psychosocial” – Slipknot

“(You Can Still) – Rock in America” – Night Ranger

“Self Esteem” – The Offspring

“Sharp Dressed Man” (Live) – ZZ Top

“Stray Cat Blues” – The Rolling Stones

“Sudden Death” – Megadeth

“There’s No Secrets This Year” – Silversun Pickups

“Tick Tick Boom” – The Hives

“Uprising” – Muse

“Waidmanns Heil” – Rammstein

“What Do I Get?” – Buzzcocks

“Wish” – Nine Inch Nails

This isn’t a bad set list at all, although I wish it had a heavier feel than just a few bands. I still don’t understand what bands like Muse, The Cure, and My Chemical Romance are doing in here, especially in a game entitled “Warriors of Rock.” Megadeth, “Sudden Death” is a brand new song the band recorded exclusively for the game. The game looks off to a good start, yet this could all go downhill quick when the second half of the set list is released.

Lars Ulrich, Gene Simmons, Queen, and Black Sabbath are reported to be characters in the new game. The game will feature a ton of options, including a storyline mode. The all new “Quest Mode” will allow players to go from rags to riches, reaching superstardom, and in the process stopping an evil monster from destroying rock and roll. Sounds a lot like Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock drops September 21, 2010. Thanks to Blabbermouth.net for the tip!

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