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Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Cheat Codes

Guitar Hero Smash Hits Guitar Hero: Smash Hits officially hits the streets (or drops as Mike Greenburg would say) today. Once I have opened the game I am usually making a mad dash to the computer for the prized Guitar Hero: Smash Hits cheat codes. Let me save you the trouble.

To cheat or not to cheat, that is the age old video game question. Personally, I see nothing wrong with bending the rules in a video game. For those that agree, I have a few cheat codes for you guitar swinging players. For those that don’t, move on.

I think cheat codes are a necessary evil in video games. I feel if you are paying $50 for a game, you deserve to get everything right away. If I want to play hyper speed, why should I have to go through an expedition to do this? Unless you can miraculously figure out the codes on your own, there is no way around it but going online. The whole concept is ridiculous in itself.

What I hate more than anything are locked songs in a game. Sure, I understand the idea of rewards, but once again what if I don’t want to go through the hassle? I loved the fact that all of the songs were available as soon as I opened Guitar Hero: Metallica. I am presuming that trend will continue in Guitar Hero since there are no codes here to unlock songs.

Without further adieu, the Guitar Hero: Smash Hits cheat codes. Go into the options menu and enter the codes to unlock the goodies.

• Air Instruments — Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red, Red.
• Always Drum Fill — Green, Green, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow.
• Always Slide — Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Green, Green, Yellow.
• Gem Color — Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Green.
• Hyperspeed — Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Red, Red.
• Invisible Rocker — Blue, Red, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.
• Line 6 Unlock — Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.
• Star Color — Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red.
• Vocal Fireball — Green, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue.

Originally I was going to pass on the game. I own several Guitar Hero games as well as Rock Band. However, I love the idea of playing some of my favorites from Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock on the drums or even singing.

They get me every time!

Thanks to for the cheats.

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