Georges St. Pierre rearranges Josh Koscheck’s face – Pics


Picture of Josh Koscheck's face at UFC 124UFC 124 will be remembered as the night that Georges St. Pierre beat the crap out of Josh Koscheck. A season of trash talking on the Ultimate Fighter was about the only victory that Josh Koscheck can claim over GSP. The post UFC 124 pictures of Josh Koscheck’s face tell the entire story.

It was obvious for five rounds that Georges St. Pierre was fighting angry. I think it is safe to say that the last piece of advice ex-GSP opponents will be giving to upcoming opponents is to try and get inside of the head of GSP. I don’t think GSP attempting a Superman Punch with 0:08 seconds left in a one-sided fight was just coincidence. GSP was looking to hurt Koscheck and hurt him bad!

[adinserter block=”2″]This was not just a great GSP fight, this was the GSP you hope to see when you pay $50 to watch him fight. Georges St. Pierre has become almost too good at ground and pound. His last few fights have been grinding, five-round, one-sided, grappling battles. While I can certainly respect the technique and talents of the champion, they do get stale after awhile. This was anything but a boring one-sided fight.

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Picture of Josh Koscheck's face at UFC 124Georges St. Pierre kept most of the fight up top and put on a striking clinic. GSP peppered Koscheck with jabs, strikes, knees, and kicks for about four of the five rounds. Koscheck got a brief takedown in Round 1, but the two didn’t go back to the ground until Round 4. GSP’s training with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach obviously paid dividends because he was more fast, elusive, and accurate than in any of his past fights.

Josh Koscheck did win a lot more respect coming out of this fight than he had going in. GSP battered Koscheck’s eye in the opening minutes of the fight. Joe Rogan pointed out in Round 1 that he believed Koscheck also had some kind of fractured jaw. Koscheck stood toe to toe and never backed down, risking his eye sight for 4 and a half more rounds. Koscheck had two opportunities to have the fight stopped and rejected the offer from Herb Dean in both instances.

[adinserter block=”2″]The compustrike statistics reported St. Pierre outstriking Koscheck 140 to 30 over five rounds. “He pitched a shutout without wrestling,” said UFC president Dana White.

Georges St. Pierre outclassed Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 so much that I can’t imagine anyone in the UFC welterweight division that can hang with the champion. Jake Shields looks to be up next for the champion. Shields is fantastic on the ground, but his standup game is nowhere close to where GSP’s game is today. The winner of BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch will get the crack at the GSP vs. Shields winner, but GSP has already dismantled both of them. At the UFC 124 post fight press conference, St. Pierre expressed his desire to fight at UFC 131 in Toronto which would push GSP vs. Shields to April 30.

Picture of Josh Koscheck's face at UFC 124The Super Fight between Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva is still dangling out there to MMA fans. While I think Anderson is about the only guy on paper that can hang with GSP, the weight difference is a lot to overcome here. Silva could move down but GSP has already stated that he is not too interested in moving up. You could have a Catch Weight Fight between the two but Dana White and Joe Silva have always seemed disinterested in those kinds of fights.

The trash talking is over and while Koscheck may have had a full season of television to make his case, all Georges St. Pierre needed was about 10 seconds to open up on Koscheck and another 24:50 to put the exclamation point on his statement.

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  1. Are you kidding me? "…not just a great GSP fight, this was the GSP you hope to see when you pay $50 to watch him fight". Yeah, right. I paid $50 to watch GSP barely break a sweat. Between GSP & Silva I'm not sure who has the more boring fights… both seem unable to finish people they can easily dominate for 5 rounds. Seems to me if you can dominate someone for five rounds without sweating , that with a little effort you may actually be able to defeat them before the judges are involved.

  2. St-Pierre defeated Fitch via unanimous decision (50–44, 50–43, 50–44). Those are worse scores than Koscheck got against GSP. Sorry but Fitch was dismantled.

  3. GSP never "dismantled" Jon Fitch. If anything Fitch earned some serious respect from GSP by taking every single shot to the face like a champ. Since that fight Fitch is undefeated and only getting better and better…I think if anyone has a legit chance it's him.

    • Yes he did dismantle Jon Fitch, you need to go watch that fight again and really let the beating that Ftich took soak in. He beat Fitch down!


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