The Great Khali enters the Bigg Boss house – Video


The Great Khali on Bigg Boss House.It’s all fun and games until a 7’1” 420 lb. WWE superstar crashes through your wall. The Great Khali entered the Bigg Boss house this week and caused quite a stir. The pro wrestling star crashed into the living room of India’s reality TV show almost scaring the cast to death.

[adinserter block=”2″]The clip of the Great Khali entering Bigg Boss Season 4 is priceless. The house is comprised of actors, celebrities, accused criminals, and others. Khali will be competing with the others in competition, although the producers have made special arrangements for him. Among the amenities will be a special bed. Khali replaces Sakshi Pradhan on the show.

There are conflicting reports as to how long Khali will stay. Most reports seem to indicate that the Great Khali is a temporary guest for only about a week or so. Other reports indicate that he may stick around for the full 90 days as a real competitor.

Khali has also reportedly had a hard time adjusting to the gym equipment inside of the house. The equipment understandably wasn’t up to his liking. Bigg Boss host Salman Khan helped remedy the situation by having his own personal gym equipment brought into the house for the former WWE world champion.

Great Khali, real name Dalip Singh will live with 11 strangers in the Bigg Boss house under Bigg Boss rules. The WWE has provided Khali with a leave of absence while he competes in the Bigg Boss House. Could a showmance be on the horizon between Khali and Sakshi Pradhan? Anything can happen in the Bigg Boss house.

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