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Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Holly Celebrated Women’s Day with Powerful Topless Snap

Embracing womanhood with a power move.

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly on Tuesday shared a post in which she is seen topless. The post was part of her celebration of International Women’s Day which she celebrated in a powerful way.

Here are more details about Holly’s celebrations of International Women’s Day:

Holly on Instagram

Holly took to her Instagram account of almost 300, 000 followers to share a post dedicated to International Women’s Day. The post featured Holly in a topless snap where the 22-year-old posed with her bikini top in her hand while her back was facing the camera.

Holly used her other hand to hold her assets and she sat on an infinity pool for the photo while looking out at the sea. Holly celebrated International Women’s Day by posting a series of photos featuring the important hard-working and inspiring women in her life.

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A post shared by HollyAnna Ramsay (@hollyramsayy)

Holly captioned the image with: “Happy International Women’s Day,” Holly penned. “I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such hard-working & inspirational women #internationalwomensday.”

Holly also shared a selfie with her sisters Megan and Tilly on the beach who are both 23 and 20 years old respectively. In the selfie, Holly and Megan are smiling with their teeth visible while Tilly is seen sticking her tongue out and they are all wearing warm clothes.

In another picture that Holly shared, the model and influencer is seen smiling at Tilly embarrassingly as Tilly is seen singing dramatically on a bar countertop while holding a microphone.

Holly’s Sobriety Journey

In January this year, Holly celebrated being sober for longer than a year after she gave up on drinking for improving her mental health. However, Holly revealed that giving up on drinking is not all that positive and she said that it feels lonely in your twenties when you cannot drink.

In her Instagram stories the previous week, Holly shared that she finds it very tough to not drink at her age as alcohol is such a huge part of her friends’ social lifestyles.

After being asked ‘how important is it to cut out alcohol when you struggle daily with mental health“, Holly replied: “This isn’t a “one size fits all” answer… For me, cutting out alcohol has made me so much more present, I’m able to have more fun & I’m in control.”

She also added: “Alcohol + antidepressants don’t mix well. I made the decision to put my physical and mental health first. It can be lonely not drinking especially at this age as it’s such a big part of our social lives.. but you will find the right people who don’t even care that you’re not drinking and are just happy you’re with them.”

In May last year, Holly revealed she was sexually assaulted when she was 18 and she spent three months in a mental hospital after getting diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.



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