Bill Goldberg Talks WWE Return and Potential Opponents


The Goldberg returning to WWE story will never go away. Goldberg is now fueling that fire after breaking his silence on a recent podcast. Not only is Goldberg ready, but he already has opponents in mind, some of which may surprise you.

The former WCW and WWE champion was on a recent edition of the Jim Ross podcast on Goldberg sat down for what I believe is his first extensive interview in a long time. It didn’t take long to get to the obvious questions which Goldberg seemed interested in answering.

[adinserter block=”1″]Goldberg was asked about the status of his return. “My last conversation with WWE brass, which was a while ago, was to the effect of I have a seven-year-old son who would love to see me wrestle and whatever differences we’ve had in the past, if you guys want to make some money and do this again, then I’d then be willing to talk about it. That is my answer.”

This isn’t anything new. The only new revelation is that he hasn’t had recent conversations with the WWE. A recent report seemed to indicate (although never outright said) that there is some kind of negotiations ongoing between the parties. The ongoing negotiations appear to be Goldberg waiting for them to call back.

There was also a recent report about the WWE already making plans for Goldberg. The plan reportedly had the WWE bringing Goldberg back the same way they brought back Ultimate Warrior last year. The report indicated that Goldberg would be a big part of the WWE 2K15 promotion like Warrior was 2K14. Either Goldberg is keeping quiet on it, and that may be the case or that earlier report may not be accurate.

Here is where things got interesting. Goldberg was asked about who he’d like to wrestle if he did come back for one more match. He named three, all of which I found surprising.

“Hunter and I will always have unfinished business until the day I die,” Goldberg said. In a recent blog post I made here, I pointed to Hunter as the perfect opponent for Bill. I think it works, especially since many believe there are personal issues between then. I just don’t see Bill being brought in with such a high profile match, although it certainly could work.

“Brock and I have unfinished biz in the ring,” No you don’t. I guess Goldberg never watched his last match with Brock at WrestleMania 20. That match is regarded as one of the worst matches in the 30-year history of Mania. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see it again.

Goldberg also mentioned Roman Reigns. It’s funny because he mentioned Reigns yet tells Ross. “.R., I haven’t watched the product in years,” he said. “I didn’t see Taker lose I just heard it through the grapevine how it went down. I talk to Brock frequently and we don’t talk business. None of the boys and I ever talk business.” Goldberg cited their backgrounds in playing college football in Georgia. Yep, that’ll put them in the seats.

One name curiously missing is Ryback. That ship has sailed. There were some internal discussions last year when Ryback was hot about a match with Goldberg. Ryback has cooled off considerably since then. It’s not surprising that Goldberg wouldn’t be interested in a guy that can barely get on special events anymore.

[adinserter block=”2″]Quite frankly I don’t think we’ll see Goldberg in the ring. I think the WWE would see him as some kind of special attraction in the middle of the card whereas Goldberg sees himself right in that main-event mix. At this point I think it is best to let sleeping dogs rest. Yet you never know what will happen as we get closer to Mania.

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