Goldberg Vs. Ryback Must Happen In The WWE


[adinserter block=”1″]You have heard the chants now for close to a year. Every week the fans are chanting for Goldberg whenever Ryback hits the ring or the ramp. The WWE fans have spoken and it’s time to give the fans what they want. Bring in Goldberg!

It pains me to write this blog. I am about as far from a Goldberg fan as you’ll find. I think his impact on the business is incredibly overrated. The man also seems as full of himself as ever on Twitter. The last thing I want to do is encourage anyone to feed his ego. Yet at the end of the day even can only ignore the obvious for so long before acknowledging that the fans are demanding to see him.

The phenomenon of Goldberg is a weird thing in 2013. He hasn’t appeared on television in years. His big run in WCW was only for a brief time. It has been proven that most of the WCW fan base never came back to pro wrestling. Yet for some reason or another, his legend has sustained. Quite frankly it’s remarkable.

The chants for Goldberg got louder the more Ryback was pushed. Once Ryback was pushed to the main-event last year against CM Punk, the Goldberg chants got louder and louder. It’s easy to say that it is just a fad but we are now talking close to a year. Every time the man steps out from the locker room whether he is a heel or a babyface, the fans want to see Goldberg. It’s not just a fad anymore, there is some real substance here.

Let’s call a spade a spade here. The match would be pretty terrible. I haven’t seen Ryback have many good matches and Goldberg’s matches were a lot of smoke and mirrors. It’s a tricky match to book because the expectations for a match that has been brewing for a year are going to be huge. It just can’t be that good. Can it be fun? Sure, I see no reason why you couldn’t book a fun match with these guys. I just wouldn’t expect any kind of a classic.

Where do you do it? Could you hold it off until WrestleMania? I don’t think so. I can’t see Ryback sustaining his spot through Mania. I think you have to strike while the iron is still hot with this thing. I think you book the match for the Survivor Series. Help Ryback now while there is still time instead of waiting until Ryback is banished back to the middle of the card. Paying Goldberg’s price tag doesn’t make much business sense otherwise.

[adinserter block=”2″]Again I am certainly not clamoring for the match. At the same time you have to listen to your audience and this is an audience that has demanded this match for a year. We aren’t talking about a small group of fans trying to get noticed on television, we are talking about a large voice of fans from around the world. It’s time to give them what they want and they want Bill Goldberg.

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  1. seriously…this would be the worst thing to happen to Ryback..Theres NOOOO way Goldberg would come back to it would just bury Ryback.

  2. Also, not to burst your bubble, but I don't think just because they chant "Goldberg" when Ryback comes out means they want to see Goldberg. WIth that logic, the crowd would want to see Husky Harris too!!

  3. It's nice to see someone stand up and say Goldberg is an over inflated, self important, marketing gimmick and not a wrestler. Skills don't matter when you have big traps!! Seriously if I was a wrestler, that's the only muscle it's work out, I'd grow a goatee, shave my head…. But seriously, it pisses me off watching a guy feed his ego about being something because of something he was bad at and never really enjoyed.

    • I don't understand how Goldberg is feeding his ego here. I do understand that you are not a fan which is totally your right, but it isn't Goldberg's fault that fans chant his name during Ryback's matches. Goldberg's last run in WWE was back in 2004, 10 years gone. It's more of a testament to him that he still has some fans but you make it sound like he is encouraging people to chant his name. I strongly doubt that Goldberg actually gives a shit. If he did care he would have had a far longer run in WWE, instead he quit when his year was up. He's the 2000's version of the Ultimate Warrior. Lots of hype, a great physique and the poor squash style matches. Ryback's problem is that if they did bring Bill in for a match, he'd never put Ryback over and these chants might get worse. WWE has ignored the boos Cena has received for years, they should ignore these chants as well.


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