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This! Is! Kratos! God Of War 3 Video Game Review

God of War 3 video gameThe following game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore, language, and adult situations. You Have Been Warned!

The Following Game Is Rated:

The God Of War video game is hands down one of the most recognizable Playstation franchises with its fast paced game play. It is also known for being one of the most graphic games on the market with its over the top violence and scenes of very suggestive themes and interactions. Above that, God Of War is one of the most addicting games on the market with a fan base that is enormous in stature. Based on famous mythological characters from the Greek variety, Kratos is a character developed by the Santa Monica Studios of Sony Computer.

Entertainment, his name is Greek for Strength and that is exactly what he brings to the battlefield. Kratos is hands down the toughest character I have ever seen in a game, both mentally and physically. He takes no prisoners and doesn’t take no for an answer, he will go all out no matter what the cost to get to his ultimate reward: Revenge. His revenge has come to fruition in this third and final chapter in the trilogy, however, it may appear to be so quick and over with once the game starts, but of course its not that easy and painless, you have to work your way back to the main event with Zeus by conquering the Titans and other Gods that stand against you, the God Of War.

Box Art:
God Of War 3 Ultimate Edition:

While some are simply following orders, there are others who wish to destroy Kratos on the simple fact that he has been given the title of “God Of War”, jealousy sets in with those Gods as well as anger since there are some who don’t feel Kratos deserved the title simply because he killed all those who were also hoping for the right to call themselves the God Of War. Kratos also kills family members, so the other gods in the world feel that Kratos is too unforgiving and ruthless to be a god. Kratos brings with him lots of weapons as well as lots of aggression, you can literally do endless combos on the vast enemies that you will encounter throughout this game, and with the endless amount of enemies comes with it: Repetition. The game is great to play and is very addicting and very fast paced, but the ridiculous nature of the repeated enemies you will fight is so annoying and so frustrating because it is just thrown onto you, there is no way out of it, you will die A LOT in this game, so get used to it.

There isn’t even a Trophy for completing the game without losing a life so the creators of this game knew it was impossible to accomplish such a feat. The enemies will hit you with every cheesy move ever seen in any game to date and it will be endless until you manage to survive the onslaught and beat them to a battered end. You will have enemies with brute strength, huge size, projectiles, speed (both slow and fast), as well as flying enemies. They will attack in swarms and they will attack alone, pick your poison.

Your health, magic, and item meters are all accessible as soon as the game begins and all three are expandable as you can collect Feathers, Horns, and Eyes to expand your Magic, Health, and Item Power. Each item requires three Feathers, Eyes, or Horns to expand its corresponding power up. You sacrifice three of them together to obtain the expansion, you can collect these items separately since they all do not work together, one of each will not work alone, you must have three eyes, feathers, or horns to gain the expansion.

You can use a vast assortment of weapons from Bow and Arrows, Claws, Hooks, Super Speed, as well as using enemies as weapons. You can attack an enemy and then use the grab option to pick up your enemy and use it as a battering ram to bulldozer all of the others down to the ground and then throw the battering ram off of a cliff and onto the ground below. The enemies will reappear almost instantly like an old school 8 Bit button masher even though we are in the High Def era of gaming, you would think something like this would not be going on any more, I expected it to be gone with God Of War 2 on the PS2 since that was a generation of consoles that behavior like that was accepted in a game regardless of bad or good programming. This game at times continues to feel like an upgrade to the PS2 classics since it continues to suffer from the same issues I had with the previous games. The repeating enemies and the constant game overs you have throughout this game are just the beginning.

Meet Kratos:

The camera’s in this game are no picnic either, you have no real control over them. You can move the camera slightly to help you walk through the vast mountains and valleys throughout your journey, you can adjust the view of the camera but not much since you can only have the camera tilt in the direction you move the second analog stick. You do not have full control over the cameras as you would in Grand Theft Auto or Uncharted, which is a huge let down in this game since most of the deaths you will have are from the awful camera system in this game, you cannot complete simple jumps due to the angle the game places the cameras. Walking is also an issue at times since you can simply walk off a platform for no reason due to the cameras angle, you can walk off a bridge by simply crossing it, that’s an issue that games with poor collision detection have but there is no detection needed here since your not hitting anything, you merely walking.

The cameras are paired with controls that are unresponsive and at times frustrating to deal with due to the large amount of lag time from button press to action in game, you can also use attacks and magic you didn’t wish to with the random nature of the behavior of the buttons response makes this game very buggy and at times unforgiving due to the insane difficulty that this game has. You literally can play this game on Normal and die almost 100 times depending on your level of skill. And don’t worry, the game keeps score on the amount of deaths you have in this game.

Huge Battles:
Heavyweight Gloves:

This game does have some of the best cut scenes I have ever seen in a game. The artistic value this game presents is top notch and certainly one of the best in the industry today, period. The game has an amazing sense of scale to it with the overall battles that are in this game. And while I complain about the repetitive nature of the enemies and the attacks, the battles in this game are huge and epic at best. And when the game really gets going, you can really unleash your inner god of war and really let loose your vengeance onto poor, unsuspecting enemies.

The cut scenes are very well drawn and well designed, there are in game movies and then there are the hand drawn cut scenes that are the high light of this game. These cut scenes are done in the same manner as the opening cinematic of the film “300” which so many people can certainly remember since that film was very successful both in theater and on store shelves. The voice acting in this game is very well done as well with several celebrity names like Rip Torn, Kevin Sorbo, and Malcolm McDowell. This game features a very robust line of characters all of which are from Greek mythology, someone was doing there homework when they were creating this trilogy that’s for sure. You feel as if you are a part of this battle between mortals and gods as you progress through the game. The boss battles are the gem in this game, they are simply awesome and very well designed and put together.

The Blade Of Olympus:
Your Going To Need Bigger Weapons:

You fight the same enemies in this game over and over again, all the while gaining experience which can be used to upgrade your weapons and items. The experience point you gain are from bosses, enemies, as well as finding hidden treasure chests which are loaded up with the red spirit orbs that are the experience points system in this game. There are other orbs as well, Blue, Green, and White. Green is for your health, Blue is for your magic, and White replenishes both. Your item bar is automatically refilled when an item is not in use.

This is great since it literally helps you out in a big way when dealing with the battles you will have with the Titans. While battling these titans, you are literally climbing there bodies like a mountain evading the swats of there hands or the exhales from there mouths. The brute strength of these massive Titans is astounding and it actually feels as if your in a struggle with them, the gameplay and the fighting engine keeps the action scenes very fast paced and epic. The gameplay engine is centered around a massive combo system that has made the game very popular due to the amount of hits that you can get onto any enemy in this game at any time. You can mix up your hits from your weapons, your items, and your magic almost instantly without any lag at all, the only problem is that while your busy destroying one enemy, the others are attacking you at the same time. There is chaos all over the screen at any given second.

The combo system is very well done in this game as is was in the previous games, only now since the game is on a much larger scale, it makes God Of War into more of a fighting game while in the heat of battle. The controls can at times keep up depending on the level of panic that is going on at the time of battle. Also, the unresponsive controls can at timed bring the battle sequences down since you die very frequently throughout the game. While fighting the Titans, you are being thrown all over the place as well as dodging incoming attacks from enemies that are actually living on the bodies of some of these titans. You can also even fight some of these titans internally as you are at risk of being eaten by some of these titans.

While inside, you encounter enemies on the inside as well as the threat of being digested and also the threat of falling debris from buildings that the titan has either eaten or ingested while trying to devour Kratos. The methods that are used to defeat these titans are absolutely amazing due to the overall speed that the game makes you move, you are literally hanging by chains while being tossed around and you are jumping all over these mountain sized monsters in an effort to bring them down, its amazing and surreal at best. The first two games didn’t have boss battles of this magnitude and I’m glad to know that it can be done this well and this fluid. Your hits can also be put into combo’s while fighting these titans, the final hits are done in button pressing sequences that were shown in the first two games as well as other games like Heavy Rain, Gears Of War, and so many others.

Your Target Is Zeus:
Coming To A Modnation Near You!:

God Of War 3 brings so much artistic value to gaming its insane, the movie sequences in this game are top notch and are hands down some of the best I have ever seen period. The production value that this game has is very high and its definitely a game that shows that there was so much thought put into it. The story is coming to a close in this game, however, the third game brings with it the weaker side of the story since it doesn’t feel as suspenseful as the previous games and this game continues RIGHT where God Of War 2 leaves off, its that quick. The voice over work, the music, the cut scenes, and the combo system are very well done. This is a good game, but I do feel that there could have been way more attention paid to the technical aspects a bit more then anything else.

God Of War 3 is now available for an MSRP of $59.99. Rated M For Mature 17+. Only On Playstation 3.

-Fantastic Cut Scenes
-Awesome Weapons And Attacks
-Great Voice Acting
-Great Musical Score
-High Production Value
-Insane Combo System
-HUGE Boss Battles
-Boss Battles Are Fluid And Intense
-Picks Up Right Where God Of War 2 Ends
-You Can Literally Obliterate Your Enemies
-Lots Of Hidden Collectibles
-Downloadable Content Supported!
-Awesome Graphics
-Enemies Are Weapons Too

-Buggy Controls
-Awful Camera System
-Enemies Are Relentless And Repetitive
-You Die Way Too Much
-Extremely Difficult Game Even On Normal
-Trophies Are Disabled If You Wear Different Armor After Finishing The Game
-Final Battle With Zeus Is Very Disappointing
-Enemies Have No AI At All
-The Game Feels More Rushed Then Polished
-Sadly, Its The End Of The Trilogy
-Could Have Had More Chapters, Its A Short Game
-Can Be Overly Violent

Official Score:
God Of War 3 Rating: 3 Stars Out Of 5

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