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Candice MichelleOne of the WWE’s top Divas and former Playboy cover girl was abruptly released on Friday. Former WWE champion and GoDaddy girl, Candice Michelle was sent packing. The news comes just days after the ex-Diva announced her plans to return to the ring.

The release of Candice Michelle shouldn’t have come as such a shock. It was just a few weeks ago when reports surfaced alleging that the Godaddy.com girl was in the dog house. An anonymous WWE source told the Sun the following in regards to Candice’s status with the company.

“She doesn’t exactly help her cause when she’s running around in LA hanging out at bars and going to Dodger games… What happened to rehab and getting back in shape? There are guys on our roster with far worse injuries sucking it up and still coming to work.” Ouch!

Candice entered the second WWE RAW Diva Search in 2004. Candice Michelle didn’t win, but was quickly offered a job. Hey, who’s letting her get away? The investment quickly paid dividends when a GoDaddy.com commercial featuring Candice was the talk of the Super Bowl a few months later. A star was born.

Candice actually turned into a hell of a pro wrestler for the WWE. In my opinion, she seemed to be one of the more athletic and natural Diva-turned-wrestlers. As somewhat of a daredevil in the ring, Candice often practiced high-risk moves. Unfortunately for Candice, her risky style resulted in a significant number of injuries.

One of Candice’s most infamous WWE moments came during a match on WWE RAW. Candice wound up cracking her clavicle live on television against Beth Phoenix. At one point, Candice collapsed onto her head and shoulders in a scary moment. The match was stopped immediately and it was one of those wrestling moments that you just knew wasn’t supposed to happen.

Candice returned a few months later and hopped right back into the ring. The former WWE Diva may have pushed her luck and returned too soon. Candice not only re-broke her Clavicle but broke it in four places and separated her shoulder once again on live television. As great as she looked at times in the ring, it was starting to look like wrestling just wasn’t cut out for her.

Like most WWE Divas, Candice was no stranger to drama. In a weird turn of events, Candice and Melina Perez began calling each other out in blogs. Candice accused Melina of stealing one of her moves. Perez fired back accusing Michelle of having a “spare tire.” It got so heated that even the WWE refused to publish Michelle’s online retort. Cat fight!

Candice would have the last word in this feud. The WWE turned the online feud into an on-air angle. Candice would eventually defeat Melina to become WWE Women’s Champion at WWE Vengeance. Candice would later be dethroned by Beth Phoenix. It was during her feud with Beth Phoenix when she would first crack her clavicle.

Candice would miss this past WWE WrestleMania due to injury. Candice looked like she was on the road to recovery. Candice had just recently posted a message on her Twitter account stating that she was cleared to return the ring. It had to be somewhat shocking to her to get released considering how excited she seemed to get her clearance.

Candice didn’t seem too upset over the news. Candice posted immediately on her Twitter page, “I’m Free to Grow! :)” She sure is. Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler have both proven that there is plenty of life after WWE for Divas. Combined with her Playboy and GoDaddy fame, Candice will likely have many opportunities awaiting her in the near future.

WWE Divas hired with no wrestling experience often get a lot of crap. Some rightfully so while others are just walking through an open door for a better opportunity. Candice dramatically improved throughout her WWE tenure. She must have put in a lot of time and hard work to make those strides. I think the WWE will miss Candice Michelle in the ring.

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