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Give Me One More Kurt Angle WWE Run

There is only 1 potential game changer not currently on the market that could set the WWE on fire. He won’t be a free agent for another year but I dare you to tell me anyone that would make as big of an impact on the WWE for one year than Kurt Angle.

I am about to play a little fantasy pro wrestling booking and look at a hypothetical situation here so I apologize. I tend to shy away from these types of topics but a recent conversation inspired the blog. I was a recent guest on Brian Fritz’s Between the Ropes and we started talking about potential TNA to WWE signings. We spent a lot of time talking about Kurt Angle with both of us agreeing that a long term deal may not be ideal but give us one year of Angle back in the WWE in 2014 and we would be two happy wrestling fans.

The idea of Kurt Angle going back to the WWE is nothing new. Not only has this idea been discussed in several blogs, there were reports last year that WWE Creative were actually working on a storyline for Angle, believing he would return when his contract was up with TNA. Conflicting reports indicated that the WWE weren’t as interested as originally believed and Angle re-signed.

Back in March Angle did an interview saying that he had a year and a half left on his current deal. That would bring us to about a year at this point. Angle would be a free agent in September 2014, coincidentally right around the time that the WWE will be shopping RAW and SmackDown. Could new television deals influence a renewed interest in bringing Kurt back? Who knows but if it were up to me I’d say sign him.

Most of you probably haven’t watched a lot of TNA but if you have you know that about the one thing you can count on is Angle tearing it up every time he steps into the ring. Angle miraculously continues to tear down the house after numerous injuries and increased age. Angle wrestles smarter than the Angle that wrestled in the WWE and is in some ways much better in 2013.

The yellow elephant in the room is Angle’s troubles with the law. He has had quite a rap sheet since leaving for TNA although to be fair he has beaten most of them. It would certainly take a lot for Angle to convince the McMahon family that he is a safe bet.

The possibilities for Angle right now (and a year from today) are very exciting. Taking into account that Angle would probably be on a part-time schedule, you could theoretically drag these matches out for two years if his availability was limited. For the sake of the blog let’s assume he makes most of the shows and is available for a large load upon his return.

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena – I know these guys had a series of matches several years back but a lot has changed since then. Cena has improved by leaps and bounds since that series and has gone on to become the biggest star in the company. A rivalry between these two would be a natural and a potential WrestleMania headliner if booked correctly. I am not generally in the business of including Cena in “Dream” or “Wish” matches but I think these two could do some great things.

Kurt Angle vs. CM Punk – If you follow any of their beef on Twitter you are probably already chomping at the bit to see them wrestle. I don’t know how much of their Twitter beef is fun or shoot but I see no reason why they can’t bring that to the big stage. I don’t think anyone believes that these two guys wouldn’t have anything less than a hell of a match. If you want to bring real life into this, you could have some really dramatic promos between the two of them.

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan – How can this match not be anything but great? Bryan reminds me a ton of a younger Angle, just a lot less reckless if that makes sense. Their styles are perfect compliments of one another if you want to rely on the old adage of styles making great matches. The Ankle Lock vs. The No Lock…Yes, Yes, Yes!

Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar – Here is where we start talking about WrestleMania. What is left for Brock at this point besides a possible match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania. These two had a legendary match at WrestleMania and there would certainly be demand to see it again. Angle may have slowed down since then but I see no reason why they couldn’t reproduce anything just as explosive.

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton – Does this one have any of the same appeal as the above possibilities? There probably isn’t but there is already a public rivalry between the two or at least from Angle’s side. Angle has sent out tweets bashing Orton for using the Olympic Slam whereas Orton has remained silent. Like Cena, these guys have had their past bouts but Orton has gotten much better since then. I think these guys could easily tear the house down.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H – The feud that never ended could finally see a conclusive finish. Remember that love triangle storyline between Hunter, Stephanie, and Angle? A lot of people do and it wouldn’t take much to reignite the plot. I think these guys could really have something special if they saved it for a WrestleMania or Royal Rumble. If they could drag the current story out long enough Angle would make for a fascinating surprise as Vince McMahon’s representative.

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