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Girls Season Three Review: These Girls Are Getting On My Nerves

The television industry is driving me crazy. Bad shows are turning into decent shows, decent shows are turning into good shows, and good shows are turning into great shows. The writing and overall storytelling for the HBO comedy series ‘Girls’ has always been exceptional, but this year, this third season, was the best effort they’ve given. I love this show and I think it is amazingly funny, but these characters are driving me crazy!!

[adinserter block=”1″]The four girls are all neurotic and self-centered and totally realistic which is why they make me so insane in the first place. I mean, nobody seems to understand how their actions, and sometimes lack of actions, effect other people. Creator/writer Lena Dunham plays the main character Hannah so well, it is hard for me to see her on talk shows, talking and acting rationally. Hannah is crazy. In my opinion she can’t see the world past the things that are important to her (and only her). Adam (Adam Driver) was perfect for her. They both are perfectly crazy and seemed to balance each other out, but I don’t know what will happen to them now that they have split up.

In the season finale, “Two Plane Rides” it was revealed that Hannah was accepted to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, which is a graduate program at the University of Iowa. First of all, I do not think she will actually take the great opportunity and enhance her life by enrolling in that program. Secondly… did she really have to break that news to Adam before he went on stage? Up until that point I was under the opinion that Adam was being a real douche towards Hannah, just because he finally had an “acting” gig, but the timing of her reveal was just wrong.

While it doesn’t make Adam any less of a douche, Hannah is notorious for her lack of tact. In Hannah’s defense though, I honestly believe that she thought it would actually inspire Adam, given his latest meltdown. In a recent episode, as he was semi-breaking up with her, he was the one telling her “Someday you’re going to have something f**king major going on and you’re going to know why I needed this time right now.”

Further illustration of Hannah’s lack of good timing was the situation in episode 11, “I Saw You,” when she barged in on Ray (Alex Karpovsky) and Marnie (Allison Williams) having sex which inspired this great quote from Ray:

“This is America, you don’t just barge into someone’s f**king bedroom!”

What a scene. First of all, what in the world is wrong with Hannah? What makes her believe that she can just barge in Ray’s bedroom and disrupt whatever he has going on in there? And then, in a moment that made me slap my head and scream in agony, Marnie says, “he made me.” What??!!? Are you kidding me? This woman can’t tell which way is up.

In the finale, Marnie illustrated her lack of self-awareness with the way she broke the news to Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) that she slept with her ex-boyfriend Ray. It was callous, and done without regard for her friend’s feelings. Marnie also spent this entire season talking about her ex-boyfriend Charlie (Christopher Abbott) as if he broke her heart but, the truth is she TREATED HIM LIKE GARBAGE when they were together. Marnie is insane!!! She is easily the best-looking, yet the most irritating female person on this show. That is really saying a lot considering Hannah Horvath is the main character. To put it bluntly, she is broken!

After the fiasco with Ray, she then sets her sights on her pseudo-bandmate Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who she knew had a girlfriend. And if that wasn’t enough, she excitedly told Hannah and Elijah about it as if what she just did was a cool and okay thing to do. Then she tried to talk to Desi’s girlfriend Clementine (Natalie Morales) as if everything is okay!! I am so glad Clementine actually put this psycho in her place… My head hurts!

Getting back to Shoshanna… what is her deal? At the beginning of the season she still wanted nothing to do with Ray. Towards the middle of the season we saw her feelings starting to return. At the end of the season, after she learns that she will be three credits short of graduating, she finally professes her apparently undying love for the man. I have to be honest; I liked what she said to him. She admitted making a mistake by dumping him and said she never wanted to even remember that she wasn’t with him. The problem was that Ray was Ray, and as usual, he overthought the room. He didn’t take her back even though we all know he is still in love with her too.

This was such a good season, that I don’t even have time to get into Jessa’s (Jemima Kirke) storyline. This season she spent a little time in rehab (where she caused all types of trouble and had sex with a crazy lady), had a relationship with a much older man (who just happened to be a junkie), and attempted to help an old lady commit suicide (Jack Kevorkian style). She’s always been funny, but she gets on my nerves simply because she refuses (like the other three) to stop making everything all about her. She thinks life is beneath her… it is an infuriating thing to watch.

[adinserter block=”2″]So… some questions for season four are: Did Hannah go to Iowa? Will Hannah and Adam somehow survive? Will Shoshanna and Ray get back together? What is going to happen to Jessa (will she be going to jail)? Has Marnie and Shoshanna really patched things up? Will Marnie get a clue?

I can’t wait to get some answers to some of these questions. Again, this was a great season and these girls brought their disassociated “A” game as usual.

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