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Gina Carano Off Strikeforce: Overeem Vs. Werdum Event

Scott Coker announced today that Gina Carano’s lengthy sabbatical from MMA will continue. The Strikeforce Executive VP and General Manager informed reporters on a conference call today that Gina Carano will not receive medical clearance to fight and is off of the June 18 Strikeforce event.

[adinserter block=”1″]Coker opened today’s conference call with the news and took reported by surprise. Coker said that Gina Carano was not able to get the proper medical clearance they expected her to receive in order to fight. Coker had no time table for Carano’s return nor did he have any real details about Carano’s condition.

Coker’s reactions to any questions during the call about Carano were a bit bizarre. Coker sounded both disappointed and frustrated delivering the news. He said that he couldn’t offer any details regarding surrounding the revocation of Gina’s medical clearance. At one point an agitated Coker said that he had nothing further to say about Gina. I may be reading more into this than I should, but he sounded like he was trying to hide something. I would suspect that one of the hundreds of MMA reporters will dig deep into this one.

The former American Gladiator known as Crush was scheduled to fight for the first time since her devastating loss to Cris Cyborg Santos in August of 2009. Carano took a lengthy sabbatical to work in movies and finally announced her return to MMA back in February in a memorable (for all of the wrong reasons) interview. The loss of Carano is terrible, but not nearly as damaging as it would have been if she was headlining.

Scott Coker also announced that with the loss of Carano, the K.J. Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal lightweight fight will move off of the HD Net pre show to the Showtime broadcast. Coker further stated that the winner of the fight would likely be next to challenge Gilbert Melendez for the Strikeforce lightweight title.

[adinserter block=”1″]Even without Carano, Strikeforce has a pretty damned good lineup on June 18. The loaded lineup will feature the two remaining Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix fights, in addition to the lightweight clash featuring Noons and Masvidal. I think most hardcore MMA fans would probably opt for Masvidal vs. Noons over Carano vs. Sarah D’Alelio, although Gina Carano is a big draw for casual fans.

Speaking of the Grand Prix tournament, Coker said that he hopes to continue the tournament in the fall with all of the semi-final fights. Coker also said that the finals probably wouldn’t take place until early 2012.

And yes as of today, Josh Barnett is still fighting. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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