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Getting the Most out of Bill Goldberg

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It appears that it’s finally going to happen; Goldberg will indeed make his return to the WWE. While there may be some skepticism in regards to his ability to still perform at a high level, there is little doubt that Goldberg’s return will generate a great deal of interest from both casual and hardcore wrestling fans. The first order of business appears to be a rematch with Brock Lesnar. However, if Goldberg wishes to continue his run with the WWE beyond the Lesnar feud, here are some ways the WWE can get the most out of Goldberg;

A.J. Styles may be “the face that runs the place”, but John Cena is still the biggest star in the company. A Goldberg versus Cena match could be billed as top stars from different eras finally getting to face off. This angle has served the WWE well in the past, the most recent example being The Rock versus Cena. It’s unlikely this would be a match of the year candidate. However, in recent years, Cena has demonstrated the ability to perform at a very high level, leading one to believe he’s capable of carrying a match, even with an aging Goldberg. A potential Cena versus Goldberg match would be big enough to headline virtually any pay per view and could bring in big money for the WWE.

Arguably, one of the most obvious choices, out of the realistic possibilities, would be a match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. However, just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. Again, much like the potential Cena match, this isn’t a likely match of the year candidate either. You have two aging stars in the twilight of their careers, so you would probably want to keep this one short and sweet.

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That being said, having these two names together on a Wrestlemania marquee would generate a lot of buzz for this year’s event. While this might not be the dream match it could have been a decade ago, it may still potentially bring in lapsed fans from the Monday Night War Era, who might otherwise skip this year’s Wrestlemania. I can understand if management opts to go with someone younger against Taker this year, but if they want to capitalize on a match between these aging stars, this may well be their last chance.

For my last pick, I thought it might be nice to see Goldberg put over one of the younger guys before he ends his second stint with the WWE. I couldn’t think of a better way to go out, than a match with Seth Rollins. Rollins in ring style, ability to sell and move set would be ideal for creating a believable match with the much larger Goldberg. Take a look at some of Rollins matches with Lesnar to see what I’m talking about. Moreover, Rollins would do a stellar job with the promos leading up to the match. It doesn’t hurt either that his finisher “The Pedigree” can be easily applied to bigger opponents. A Rollins versus Goldberg, looser leaves town match might be a nice way to help further build Rollins and provide Goldberg with a memorable exit.

It’s possible that the Lesnar match may be a one and done type deal. However, if Goldberg decides to once again ask “Who’s Next”, I think any of these three superstars would be a solid answer.

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