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Get In The Zone: Killzone 2

This game has been hotly anticipated, even more so then the console it is on. When it was first unveiled back at E3 2005 people went absolutely nuts over it, the game definitely stole the show and it was the rage that entire year…even though the PS3 was still a year from launch. Playstation 3 would launch almost 2 years after that trailer of Killzone 2 was shown. The trailer was shown June 2005 and PS3 was launched November 2006, so give or take its almost 2 years.

As time progressed, the silence surrounding this game grew as more and more snippets of the game leaked onto the internet. Screen shots were rampant and rumors increased as well as speculation that this game may or may not be as real as the trailers made it out to be. Then last year at E3 2008, a new trailer as well as in game footage was shown. Also, a live demo of the game was shown, and suddenly the critics were silenced. All the talk about in game and CGI were finally finished, once and for all, people KNEW this game was for real.

[adinserter block=”1″]The game did not see store shelves until February 2009 and it met with lots of praise and positive reviews. In contrast to the first game which was met with the heavy weight of being a “Halo Killer”. First off, Sony nor Guerrilla Games labeled this as a Halo anything, the media labeled this game as such. The first game ran into the Halo 2 monster that was released a week later. So from the word GO, Killzone stood no chance at capturing any true market share.

Killzone 2: The Box Art:

Killzone 2 E3 Screen Shot:

Killzone 2 Final Product Screen Shot:

So it was pretty obvious that this game had a lot to deal with from its launch. Halo 2 brought intense online multiplayer as well as a huge cinematic experience just to name a few. A new game launching against the BIGGEST game of the year and the most anticipated game of the generation, Killzone was outmatched in every sense of the word.

Killzone brought a decent story line, good cinematic scenes, and for the time on the PS2 the graphics were ok. However, Killzone had horrendous controls and a short single player. The online components were great, the game certainly had a large community but across the street, Halo 2 was a Planet, having the largest online community for any console game at the time. So when Killzone 2 was finally announced, Halo 3 was no where to be found. Halo 3 missed the Xbox 360 launch…so Killzone 2 had to follow suit by missing the PS3 launch. But Halo 3 would be released the year after the 360 launch, Killzone 2 was way off.

Almost a full three years from the launch of the Xbox 360, Sony finally had its killer app. Killzone 2 brings with it AMAZING graphics, great controls, great cinematic scenes, great voice over work, and an insanely deep online multiplayer. The single player experience was greatly improved this time around, however, it is still somewhat short in comparison. But in all fairness, Halo 3’s single player is over in the blink of an eye and Halo 3 was deemed the “Blockbuster Experience” of the gaming world. Such a title would suggest the game would have a deep single player, but its over very quick.

Most people had it finished in it’s first weekend of release, on the Legendary difficulty. Killzone 2 has the same problem as well, the single player experience is over quickly, but its just a tad longer then Halo 3’s. The Killzone 2 single player has a much more developed sense of Warfare. Your thrown into this conflict between the ISA and the Helghast, two warring factions locked into a conflict over control over the Helghast home world “Helghan”. The story picks up where Liberation on the PSP leaves off, and occurs two years after the Helghast invaded the ISA Colony called “Vekta”. You are Sergeant Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko, and your squad is sent to Helghan and as usual in any FPS, your thrown right into the middle of a huge firefight.

The Symbol Of The ISA:

The Marking Of The Helghast:

What i love about the beginning of this game is that you meet and greet new faces as well as see returning characters, and once thats done you strap up and your thrown into battle, no nonsense. This game, more then any other FPS, has a fantastic sense of war to it. I never felt so much tension between two factions before so it is a refreshing experience to have while playing this game.

As the game progresses the intensity picks up between the two warring factions. Your objective is to capture the Helghast Leader, Scolar Visari. All the while you are dodging attacks from every possible angles as well as on ground and air assaults. Snipers are abound in this game so be on the lookout.

The variety of weapons that are available in this game are very wide and balanced. The shotgun in this game is the best i have seen in a shooter, not too strong but not too weak, its got a good balance to it. What i like about the weapons in this game is just the fact that they feel right when your using them, the controls are very sharp and using a weapon in this game is not a chore or made easy enough where its easy to go on insane killing sprees like the weapons in Halo or Call Of Duty.

An aspect of FPS games that bothers me is the Sniper Rifle and how people can get so good at using it they become invincible. Killzone 2 brings a new twist in using the rifle, Motion Control. The angle you have the controller tilted will determine how the scope is positioned. This is a nice use of the motion controller for the PS3, not too cliche but not too unoriginal either. The people who were designing the engine for this game must have been paying attention to Call Of Duty 4 because the entire online system is based on Class and Rank, much like how Team Fortress 2 has its Class system and COD 4 has its ranking system. You can be one of 7 classes each with its different jobs.

A Medic is used to revive downed teammates as well as issue health packs to restore health to teammates. A Rifleman specializes in using the vast assortment of rifle’s in the game. The Assault Class will allow you to wear stronger body armor and allow you to have an extra burst of speed. Tactician allows people to place smoke grenades which can be used as spawn points as well as be used to request air support from sentry gun ships. The gunships stay around until they are destroyed. Engineer’s can build as well as reprogram sentry guns as well as construct ammo dumps. The Scout lets you don a cloaking device that is very good i must say, this class uses a sniper rifle the best since you can hide very good with it. The kickback from the sniper rifle will send shocks throughout your cloak. The Scout also allows you to locate all enemies on your radar. And the Saboteur can plant and disarm C4 charges as well as disguise themselves as an enemy soldier.

Introducing Sev and the ISA Soldiers:

Meet Visari and his Army:

Sniper Scope:

Each class has a Ribbon system, each with it bringing new jobs and abilities to each Class. You can even change your weapons as well as spawn in game with them. No need to go back to the lobby and change weapons or classes. You can also melee with your weapons as well as hold in the L3 button to run.

The map selection in the online multiplayer are all areas from the single player experience, much like how GTA IV did it. However unlike GTA IV, your not getting an entire city to do your warfare, your getting large areas yes, but none are inter connected. The game’s online multiplayer features levels based in cities, deserts, and factories. You can play in many different modes such as Capture & Hold which is a mode where ISA must protect while the Helghast must destroy.

Each time an objective is completed you must defend/destroy the next objective. First team to eliminate or protect all objectives in the time limit wins the round. Search & Retrieve is a mode where there is a centralized object that needs to be captured. Instead of Capture The Flag, you are looking for a “Propaganda Speaker” you bring it back to the selected area. Either team that collects the speaker will have there factions war propaganda being played for all to hear. Whomever picks the speaker up will be labeled and shown on screen. Your HUD will show you the distance and direction you are away or close to the holder. While running with the speaker you can attack people to defend yourself but it is not recommended that you stop and fire, run and gun works well here with a shotgun.

Teams must work together here. Assassination is a spin on the classic “Protect The Leader”, in this mode each team has a mission. One team protects the VIP and the other must eliminate the VIP. The VIP has a scoring meter and when the meter reaches its full score, the protecting team wins the round. If the target is eliminated, the round ends and the enemy team gets the point. Search & Destroy is a mode where there are objectives that need to be protected/destroyed. You use C4 charges to destroy or you use the Circle button to disarm. All needed charges need to be placed before the countdown begins. The countdown is stopped when one charge is disarmed. Any one in range of the explosions will be killed.

Each mode can be played any of the maps as well as the upcoming Maps that will be released on April 30th for $5.99. More on those as they are released. Each map feels fluid with the many modes and classes in this game, unlike Gears 2 which some modes don’t feel well with a certain map. Multiplayer is strong here, each game consists of 32 players or a total of with bots. 16 Vs. 16 is the format here and auto balancing is in effect. Clan and Playstation Home integration as well are in this game including Trophy support. Given the large size of each team, you can create “Squads” within each team and work together in groups for the common goal. The game has also received 2 major patches for the known bugs and more are to come.

Just like Halo 2 and 3 there is an intense online community to this game, there is a website designed to follow each player, each clan, and every stat imaginable. Unlike Halo however, Killzone 2’s website shows you every instant of every game all in real time. While it doesn’t show the actual footage, what it allows you to do is view everything that occurs in the games while viewing an overview of the map and watching there icons move about. What is great about this feature is that if your constantly being eliminated by a certain player, you can focus your attention to that player by selecting him in the filter.

[adinserter block=”2″]You can also monitor your clan’s status as well as issue/accept challenges. You can also create and update your profile and track all your trophies and your career stats. The site is updated all in real time with no delays. It syncs to your Playstation Network account, and you use the email account that created your PSN Account to log in. You can view players from all over the world as well as monitor all your friends and or team mates in there games so you can develop strategies to play and win. The website is very well done and it feels like a command center used for war. Hence the name “Killzone Command Center”. You can track your levels as well as ranks and see where you measure up to the games ever growing online community.

There is a ticker tape going across the site that shows you all news related to Killzone 2 as well as check out community sites related to PS3 and Killzone. There is a live message board as well as a section of the site that gives you a all types of media for the game. Another feature about this site is the amount of information available to you in the members area. You get all types of information available to you whether it be kill/death ratio, the weapon used the most, the percentage of games won/loss, you total amount of time in game and which modes you labeled as you favorite. You can also accept and send invites to friends from this site. Great stuff, but why am i mentioning it in the review for the game? Because you can access it from the PS3 web browser as well as on your computer.

In the end, what your getting here is an amazing experience to be had. This is by far the best shooter i have ever played, without question. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 has officially be dethroned, a new king of the FPS has arrived and it is very serious. This game is a MUST HAVE for Playstation 3 owners all over the world since it has been available since February.

Killzone 2 is an absolutely tremendous game both online and offline, with its deep scale in detail and attention to the feel of the controls as well as integration of using the Sixaxis controls this game has been really built on and for the Playstation 3. Its a brand new game, a new experience. Unlike Halo 3 which to me feels like an HD Version of Halo 2. Voice Chat support is also included in the game as well, no button holding required also which is nice and there is an indicator telling you who is talking. The definitive Playstation 3 experience has arrived!!

Killzone 2 is NOW available for an MSRP of $59.99. Rated M For Mature.


-Deep Multiplayer

-Great Graphics

-Great Controls

-Huge Community

-Excellent Music, Voice Over Work, And Cinematics

-Simply put, the single greatest sense of Warfare in a game


-Short Single Player

-Although KZ2 has a great cinematic experience, some of the characters tend to over act

-No Online Co-Op
Official Score:

Killzone 2: 5 Stars Out Of 5

Editor’s Choice Award
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