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How to get Brett Favre in Madden 10

Brett Favre Madden 10 There is a good chance that many of you will be receiving Madden 2010 for the holidays. Unfortunately, one of the best players of the NFL season isn’t there. No, I’m not talking about Michael Vick, I am talking about Brett Favre. I will tell you how to get Brett Favre, Michael Vick, and updated rosters for Madden 10.

The only thing you need to get Brett Favre in your Madden 10 game (other than the game) is an Internet connection and if you are using an Xbox 360, an Xbox Live Gold membership. I wrote a blog awhile back when Favre un-retired about his status in the Madden 10 video game. To this day, I get hundreds of queries through asking about how to add Favre to the game. Knowing this and the chance that many will be asking the same question over the next several holiday weeks, I wanted to write a quick blog and help you play with the gunslinger.

[adinserter block=”1″]The following instructions may vary slightly, but are all relatively the same for the PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360. Once you turn on the game and get to the main menu, do the following.

– Go to either the online mode, Xbox Live, or play online. More or less, get online in the game and connect to EA’s servers.
– Once you are online follow all of the steps to play a game against an opponent online.
– Once you do that you will be notified that your rosters are outdated. You will be automatically updated for the online match, and then asked whether you want to save the new roster. Save it to your hard drive or memory card.
– At that point, exit out of the online mode (unless you want to play of course).
– Double check and bring up the rosters. The rosters you just downloaded should be available. Not only will you see Brett Favre on the Minnesota Vikings roster, you will also find Michael Vick on the Philadelphia Eagles, Richard Seymour on the Oakland Raiders, Braylon Edwards on the NY Jets, and all of the roster moves made since the game was released in August. Change the depth chart around as well, and if you really want to have fun, get creative and make some trades like Favre back to Green Bay, Vick to Atlanta, T.O. to Dallas, etc.
– As soon as you are done go to the file management option in the menu and save your new roster to your hard drive or memory card.
– You’re done!

[adinserter block=”2″]One thing that Xbox users need to keep in mind is that you need an Xbox gold membership to get the update. Without the gold membership, you won’t be able to access the play opponent option. The only other ways for Xbox 360 users to get the roster is to either get them from a friend on your memory card, or buy them on It is unfortunate, but EA will put a couple of more roster updates out over the next few weeks. The last scheduled roster update is slated for February. So, you’re best option is to pick up a 3-month Xbox Live Gold membership which will cover you the rest of the way.

The next time you go to fire up your Madden 10 game, your new rosters will automatically be included. Be aware that you also won’t be able to play with some players that have been placed on the IR such as Chad Pennington. Otherwise, you are good to go with Vick, Favre, and everyone else in Madden 10.

On a side note, Madden offers a DLC option to unretire players in your franchise mode. This is something you have to purchase, but you can use this within your franchise mode to un-retire Favre at the end of the first season and play him again next season.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for all the help, I have been dominating with Favre but have not been able to find him in Franchise mode, any tips?

  2. Hello

    I think I am having a problem, and not sure if you can help me. But, I am able to get online. I have also been able to get farve, and vick on the roster as well. But for some reason i cannot get anyone to play me. Some one comes on on and we both say ready and then the next thing that pops up is a message box that says " session not available'.. can't i just pop into a game or play someone. i have not been able to play anyone at all.

    • Well I have only played Madden on XBox and PS2, but from what I understand its the same. You just need a memory card and an Internet connection. When you sign onto Madden go to the option that sets you up to play someone online. Once you are there go all the way to the point where you get to pick a team. You should then be told that your roster is out of date and asked if you want to download the new one. Do it, download it to your memory card, and you should be good to go.


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