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Georges St-Pierre Won’t Be Bullied Into Fighting Anderson Silva

UFC fans have been patiently waiting to hear whether Georges St-Pierre will accept the Anderson Silva’s challenge to fight. Well I have good news and bad news for you fans. The good news is that GSP says he will fight Silva. The bad news is that I wouldn’t expect the fight anytime soon.

[adinserter block=”1″]The UFC welterweight champion has ended his short media exile following his UFC 154 demolition of Carlos Condit and is answering the question that everyone has been asking. Will he fight Anderson Silva in the biggest UFC fight of all time? Unfortunately the champ’s answer only muddies an already complicated situation that may not have closure for some time.

Vigilante MMA has the translation of a recent appearance that Georges St-Pierre made on Radio-Canada’s T out Le Monde en Parle. GSP was asked the obvious question about Silva and here is what the champ had to say.

He wants to fight me so he can then retire,” GSP said. “I would like to fight him too, but after I fight him and win the fight, what happens next?

The real issue here is the timing according to GSP.

“If I fight him, what happens next?” he asked. “It will be over. So yes, I want the fight, but I want to take it when I decide the time is right, not when he wants the fight to happen.

In other words the champion will not be bullied into this fight. Frankly the way that the UFC and Silva, more specifically the UFC have tried to publicly pressure GSP into taking this fight has been obnoxious. GSP is arguably the number two draw in the UFC, attempts to fight three times a year, and has done everything asked of the UFC throughout his career. GSP has said numerous times that he has very little interest in taking the fight and making him look like a coward is not doing anyone any good.

But not all is lost. GSP does say he will take the fight but it will be on his terms.

“I just came back from an injury, there’s money to be made, there are fights in my weight class, other challenges out there; and if I fight him, I will have to gain weight, while he will have to lose weight, and then afterwards, I won’t be able to come back to my weight class. First and foremost, I have things to do at 170 pounds. When I am ready and when I want the fight, that’s when it will happen.”

The biggest issue all along from GSP’s side has been weight. It is ironic because here you have a guy that is willing to do it right if he was to put on the weight yet the UFC wants to rush the fight as soon as May. There are plenty of other fighters who may take short cuts but GSP is not only committed to putting on the weight but on possibly staying at 185 if he were to do so.

I don’t think an objective fan could argue with what GSP is saying here. The welterweight division is full of worthy of challengers and you have to commend the guy who as champion, wishes to defend the belt against all of them. Quite a difference from Silva who appears to have no interest in defending his title in the middleweight division wouldn’t you say?

[adinserter block=”2″]Now when all is said and done this could be nothing more than GSP playing his hand and holding out for more money from the UFC. I’d say at this point he certainly has all of the cards when the UFC and Silva are waiting on him to accept the fight. I have to admit that it is entertaining watching GSP turn the tables and take control of the situation. At some point though something has to give and the UFC has to either make the deal or just move on.

I have never been a big fan of the fight. I think there are weight classes for a reason. If GSP had fought on and off at middleweight like Silva does at light heavyweight, I’d say go for it. But here you have a case where two guys are completely mismatched in size and the smaller guy appears more interested in cementing his legacy in his division rather than cashing in on the super fight.

The UFC is going to have a hard time making this one happen.

If you know French, here is the interview

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  1. The key issue isn't whether either fighter wants this, the real story is the same thing that Jon Jones went through when he walked away from fighting Chael Sonnen when Hendo got hurt: Dana White not getting his way when he wants it, and making a subsequent stink about it. Never mind that the guy just defended his title in grand fashion after coming back from a potentially career-ending injury, it's a case of what he wants, when he wants it. Kudos to GSP for not letting White pressure him into committing to something he doesn't yet know how to fully prepare for and maintain the high level of performance he's known for. Those who disagree with me will say that White and the UFC have taken a hit this year with the card changes, event cancellations and the whole interim title deal, but hey that's what the man in charge is supposed to do: make it when it's good, take it when it's bad.
    don't get me wrong, what White has done for the UFC has been nothing short of phenomenal. I suspect that though, in many ways his baby has largely outgrown his profane, ham-handed management and leadership style.

  2. The walkaround weight issue is something that can't be ignored. GSP is far closer to a natural middleweight than Silva, and while some people crow all day about how not cuttingmakes you slow, etc. Nothing is further from the truth. Drastic cuts DO NOT boost your cardio. You lose muscle, electrolytes, glycogen reserves and water that you cannot fully replenish bewtween weigh-in and the fight. You are also better able to take blows closer to your natural weight and you don't cut as easily.
    Why is that so important? When you consider that Silva has only been out of the 3rd round once in all of his title defenses, a fight that he won in the 5th by the skin of his teeth, cardio, resiliance and endurance become huge factors. St. Pierre lives in the title rounds, and one need only watch the Dan Hardy or the 2nd Josh Koscheck fight to see just how effective his cardio prep is. Combine that with real issues that Silva has with strong wrestlers (the Sonnen fights) and you have a fight that despite the size difference could be far closer than one might think.

  3. GSP is not afraid of Anderson Silva but I think an argument can be made that he may be worried about his chances of winning. Too many factors involved: Silva's reach advantage, size, speed, power, record in UFC, success at light heavyweight.

    If Silva could drop drop to Welterweight, GSP would go for it. This would be too difficult for Silva to do for a one fight deal.

    In complete fairness to GSP, his body type won't pack on the weight easily for a move upwards in weight class, and he hasn't ever shown desire to move up for fights, like Silva has.

    Ironically, if GSP lost say to Hendricks or someone else, the desire for as perfect a record of possible type mental barrier might free him up mentally to finally say yes.

    Just my thoughts. So he's hoping someone can shake him up a bit.

  4. it is simple and a stance that several great fighters have taken, if you want to be the greatest, then you fight the greatest! Wanderlei never turned down a fight and fought smaller and much larger fighters. BJ is the same way. Everyone thinks Anderson wants the easier of the two fights, but even a great fighter like matt hughes sees that GSP and his wrestling is a BIG threat to Anderson. As that is the game plan to defeat him. Of course i would rather see Anderson vs Jones, but that is a striking match that i think Anderson would win. GSP also was MUCH lager than BJ in that fight, as BJ went up in weight and it wasnt all muscle! Technically GSP should be a perfect fit at 185, as he woudl not have to cut weight, which means he would keep 100% of his strength and not have to worry about depleting anything in a weight cut! So lets see both fights, and right now the GSP one is the easier to make as Jones as a fight lined up already! Then we will know who the greatest fighter is! The only one we wont see is GSP vs Jones as this is two much weight difference! I just get tired of no one even talking about how quick GSP was to accpet the BJ fight when he was the bigger guy! WHO cares if BJ was the one chasing, he still accepted it quickly!

  5. What is annoying is how GSP is taking his time and says it is moslty cause of Silva's size and what he does after the fact, WHAT ABOUT the BJ Penn fight? we wasnt worried when he was the bigger stronger fighter! he wasnt worried when bj had to put on pounds quickly to fight him! he wasnt worried when he didnt have to cut much to make weight and was the bigger guy by far!!! So in my eyes he is ok being the bully but not ok when it is reveresed!

    • How in the world was GSP a bully for simply defending his belt? BJ Penn wanted to fight at welterweight and win the title. There was no way for GSP to avoid that fight, short of vacating his own belt. That's a far cry from Silva wanting GSP to leave his weight class just to fight him.


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