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Georges St-Pierre Vs. Anderson Silva UFC Super Fight Should Not Happen

The on again-off again Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre is apparently on again…and in a big way. UFC president Dana White has revealed that plans are in place for the Super Fight next year. Yet the more he keeps talking about it, the less I understand it.

These guys want to fight each other now,” White said during an interview on the Fuel TV show UFC Tonight.If you’re a fighter and you’ve dominated as long as Anderson has, and you’ve been great as long as Georges has, you finally want to say, ‘I want to test myself. I think I can beat this guy.’

[adinserter block=”2″]That is a big change of heart if true from GSP. Two parties have been obsessed with making this fight for the last two years. The UFC and Anderson Silva have campaigned for this fight harder in recent months than at any other time in recent memory. Not all parties are on the same page. UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has repeatedly said he has little to no interest in taking this fight for a variety of reasons, all of which I can agree with. Now all of the sudden he wants to fight? Call me skeptical on that one.

It would be a much different change of opinion than what GSP said about taking the fight last year.

It would take a long time [to put on that kind of weight. Anderson Silva is a huge guy, he’s weighing around 230 pounds. He’s very big. Even when he fought as a light heavyweight he looked bigger than the other guys.

What is a point of a weight class if you have an organization pressuring the greatest fighter in the history of his division to move up? Shouldn’t the emphasis here be to groom the best challengers available in the division rather than move GSP out? I could certainly see the idea of pressuring a guy who has fought in another division recently to move up or down to take a big fight. But pressuring a guy who has never fought outside of his division to make the move at 31-years old just doesn’t make sense.

St-Pierre has repeatedly said that he has reservations about moving up in weight. Of course he should, he is a welterweight! GSP likes to muscle around his opponents on the ground. How can he do that if he is outweighed by 20 pounds? He can’t and he knows that and Anderson knows that, so why is the UFC continuing to put this pressure on St-Pierre?

It also isn’t as if GSP has cleaned out the welterweight division. Nick Diaz is still hanging around and I have to believe that St-Pierre has a lot of interest in fighting Diaz. The fight would be huge, not as huge as Silva vs. GSP, but arguably the biggest fight in the division’s history. An even bigger fight could be GSP vs. Rory MacDonald if promoted right. There is plenty of opportunity left in the division, so why take away the best and make him a sacrificial lamb?

Anderson is a funny guy. He flat out refuses to move up to light heavyweight and fight the best in that division, even though he has fought in the division before, and reportedly walks around at around 220 pounds. Yet the UFC find it okay for him to pick on a guy he will outweigh by 20-30 pounds come fight time. I don’t understand for the life of me why the UFC won’t put this same kind of pressure on Silva and Jon Jones to fight each other. In my opinion it is a much fairer fight and probably a bigger one than this one, yet the UFC prefer to put the pressure on GSP? Is this a case of the UFC bullying GSP into a fight that he doesn’t want?

Now you have Dana White talking Texas Stadium which ups the stakes even more. MMA fans are going wild about seeing a Super Fight in Texas Stadium next year, yet one half of the fight has not given any indication he is taking that fight. Dana and the UFC are playing games here. Planting that seed only a week after Jon Jones refused a fight is only being done to put the pressure on GSP and paint him into a corner. It is just not fair. I can’t believe that a year later and after a major injury that all of the sudden GSP wants to move up in weight and fight Anderson. Word is that the fight would take place at a catchweight of 180 pounds. The catch is that GSP would have to put on 10 pounds of muscle naturally in a year as opposed to Silva just dropping an extra five pounds.

[adinserter block=”1″]Once again you have the UFC placating Anderson while GSP gets the short end of the stick for being the nice guy. Silva also has challengers in the middleweight division. Granted none of them present title fights as big as what awaits GSP, but he has challengers. Once again you are putting an entire division on hold for a fight that looks fun on paper, but really does nobody any good at the end of the day.

There is no reason that this fight needs to happen. Both are great fighters but I don’t need to see a fight between two guys when one is greatly outsized. If the UFC is so interested in making Super Fights, bring Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones to Texas Stadium and leave GSP out of it. I want to see competitive Super Fights, not size mismatches.

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  1. I guess Democracy doesn't matter to you then? People want this to happen, it should happen. Hell if people voted for a Bear to fight Anderson Silva than Navy Seals should go to Brazil and capture him to take him to Guantanamo Bay where the fight would take place! DEMOCRACY RULES!!!

  2. Why won't you people hear me Dana White can care less about the fighters in the UFC he's all about the money. Why would you pressure GSP to fight the Spider, the Spider walks around at 220 to 230lbs and fights at 185lbs and 205lbs, GSP walks around at 170lbs and fights at 170lbs. This would be the biggest mismatch of all times and the only reason GSP is even considering the fight is because of what Jon Jones did two weeks ago. GSP don't want to be seen as turning down a fight that the fan want to see.
    This is a shame and Dana White won't be satisfied until someone get hurt really bad are worst gets killed in the cage. GSP don't be bullied into a fight you can't win, even if the Spider drops down to 180lbs he will be back at 200lbs before the start of the fight.


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