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Georges St-Pierre Says The UFC Has A PED Problem

The MMA world is still reeling from losing Georges St-Pierre. The UFC champion vacated his title last month, leaving amidst a ton of questions. GSP has finally answered one and you may be surprised to hear what really pushed GSP out the door.

[adinserter block=”1″]GSP has nothing to lose at this point. He is a wealthy man who can fight again in the UFC whenever he wants. That is great for him and bad for the UFC. Without any ties to the organization, GSP is free to talk about whatever he wants and the subject may be the most taboo of all within the UFC. PEDs!

GSP held a press conference this week to announce that his foundation would be giving money to six athletes. The subject of PEDs came up during his chat with reporters. GSP was not only willing to talk about it, he almost seemed giddy when the question was asked. The champ admitted that concerns over PEDs in MMA is what pushed him into an indefinite retirement.

It bothered me enormously.

That’s one of the reasons why I stopped fighting. Not really to teach them a lesson, because that would also punish me. I wanted to do something for the sport. I love the sport. I see the direction it’s going, and I don’t think it makes any sense. This is stupid.

GSP had been accused by previous opponents of juicing and taking PEDs several times over his UFC career. He has never tested positive for anything according to the UFC. These accusations are what prompted GSP to sponsor drug testing for his last fight, offering to pay for both he and his opponent to get tested. Johny Hendricks wasn’t interested and Dana White said they both looked “stupid.”

Ironically it would appear that Dana White was the stupid one here. White’s ignorance or disinterest in the matter contributed to the loss of his second biggest drawing card. If White had been supportive of GSP or had a different attitude about testing, it is possible that he would still be promoting GSP today. Instead he is left with a vacated title and a superstar who has no interest in fighting.

“The whole thing was done very weird. And if he feels like we didn’t support him, I don’t know. The whole thing’s [expletive] weird. I haven’t talked to him about it. He’s very fired up about it because he went out and started this thing and it’s turned into a [expletive]. I get it. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to tell him. The whole [expletive] thing’s weird.

I tried to do something to change the sport,” he said. “Unfortunately, there were other people, for different reasons, maybe for money, in fear of losing money, because if you canceled the fight because someone tested positive there are millions of dollars [lost]. Also, the sport’s image … If you start testing everyone, how many will get caught? I don’t want to say in public because I don’t want to accuse anyone, but the sport’s image will be hurt.

What may have been the most damaging statement of all is this one.

Don’t forget, I have internal information. I’m an athlete. I know what goes on, so that disappointed me greatly.

PEDs are a huge problem for MMA. MMA reporters have made enough cryptic remarks over the last year to confirm it without confirming it. Dana White was once adamant against TRT use for one thing but has since greatly changed his stance. Vitor Belfort is making a complete mockery and a sham of this with his TRT exemptions and he is just the tip of the iceberg.

[adinserter block=”2″]It amazes me that a sport will blatantly allow their fighters to increase their levels of testosterone with a doctor’s note. To me, this has put a big black mark on the sport. Quite frankly it has helped push me away from the sport as a fan. Seeing Vitor Belfort mock the system has made some fans and media quite angry. Seeing GSP walk away due to the same issue is more heart breaking than anything else.

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  1. This PED problem is called "Temporar;y Use Exemption" is this usage cannot be sport in REAL sports like baseball, footnall, and basketball then it should be outlawed in MMA

  2. How would you like to be locked in a cage looking across at an hyped up and angry, synthetic-testosterone junky like Vitor Belfort. It very clear that Dana White likes the TRT supplementation because it translates into dollars for him. Celebrity Net Worth .com has Dana White Net Worth at $300,000,000.00. That is $300 Million! Check it out Always FREE

  3. I couldn't agree more. But as a Brazilian I don't understand why only now with Victor Belfort the media are saying this. Randy Couture fought over 40 years old and he did TRT with the same medical exemptions that Belfort. Chael Sonnen fought Anderson with TRT exemptions. Forrest Grifiin, Nate Marquard, Shane Carwin, Dan Harderson all of them had TRT exceptions throughout their lives and no one said anything.

    • What wrong with TRT? Have you tried testosterone ? It’s fucking awesome! That’s what make you a man! You feel on all 100%, and full of energy, power, positive thoughts total feeling of well being. What the f^ck?
      So what’s wrong with that?

      You should take it and it should be legal. The world would be more interesting. So don’t make any judgment about testosterone because any man over 30 will benefit taking it. You will leave longer and healthier life as well.

      Look at Couture. That what a man should be at his age! It’s awesome!
      I’m 45 and feels great. I’m not a fighter but it does not mean that I should not take it and enjoy my life. I like UFC and it should stay this way. You should try testosterone yourself.

      It will change you life!!!

  4. I'm glad GSP left…no more boring fights! And I'm sure he's juiced…he reminds me of Lance Armstrong. And Belfort was doing pretty good against Silva before the kick.

  5. The whole Vitor thing is frustrating. I was once a big fan of his but if the newer or casual fans go back and look at his fight against Anderson and see him now, they would realize why it's frustrating. He's not the only one…Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson have been on TRT as well. Heck they kicked Nate Marquart out for a little while because of it and Josh Barnett and Overreem were mocked by the UFC for years before allowing them to come into the sport. It's like they can't stand the thought of developing new stars for feat of losing long time fans. So let's continue to parade out the older guys by allowing them to juice up. I hate it that GSP is walking away but he is better for it in the long run. I love MMA but they have got to end this TRT stuff it doesn't give the fans a better product.

  6. Dana White doesnt give a damn about anything besides Benjamin Franklin and he will do or say whatever he thinks he needs to so he can keep getting new paper pictures of Ben and friends!


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