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Georges St-Pierre Ahead Of Schedule, Could Fight By Summer

Georges St-PierreThe up and down roller coaster of the Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz fight finally has a big up. It appears that UFC fans may get their Super Fight sooner than expected as the UFC president reports that GSP is ahead of schedule in his recovery.

UFC fans were dealt some crushing news a few weeks back when it was not only announced that Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre pulled out of his UFC 143 fight against Nick Diaz, but that the champion would be out until at least 10 months due to injury. The GSP camp has been pretty quiet about his recovery yet Dana White revealed some interesting news on the UFC on FX post-game show.

[ad 6]White talked to the great MMA reporter Ariel Helwani about a number of topics, but it was the bombshell that he dropped on Georges St-Pierre that has everyone talking.

GSP’s rehab could not be going better,” White said. “Tonight during the fight he was texting me pictures of him kicking, doing everything… I think he’s going to be back sooner than doctors anticipated.

He says, ‘I am praying every night when I go to bed that Nick Diaz wins this fight.’ I have never seen Georges St-Pierre hate somebody. He hates Nick Diaz. I’ve never seen him hate somebody. I’ve never seen him so motivated to fight somebody and to beat somebody like Nick Diaz.

Ariel asks him flat out if he thinks GSP will be back by the summertime and White responds without hesitation, “yes.”

That is huge news! A few weeks ago it was expected that GSP would not be back to fight until October. Now the president is predicting that St-Pierre will be back in the summer, three-four months ahead of schedule. That changes everything as far as I am concerned and gives fans a little bit of hope in seeing what has been one of the most jinxed fights in UFC history.

If St-Pierre comes back in the summer, I still think that the Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz would have to fight one more time before fighting GSP. That could be tricky. I could see Condit holding out until the summer but for someone like Diaz, that is asking a lot. Diaz prefers to fight every 3-4 months, so trying to reason with someone like Diaz to stay put for five months could be tough.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is also the UFC schedule and they are already thin on main-events. Is it in the UFC’s best interests to risk a GSP vs. Diaz or Condit fight? The company already had to postpone a scheduled 2012 pay per view because they didn’t have any quality fights to headline. Could the company fill its schedule without using the Diaz vs. Condit winner until the summer? The reward is certainly more appealing if it is Diaz that wins, but the business may dictate differently.

Regardless, I don’t think anyone will be pulling for Carlos Condit in a few weeks. No disrespect to Condit, but GSP vs. Diaz is shaping up to the grudge fight of the year and knowing that the fight could come sooner than expected only adds to the excitement.

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