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Gears Of War 2: Snow Blind Map Pack Review

Gears Of War 2 is without question my favorite Xbox 360 Game, if your on my friends list you will know that because i am in that game constantly. Sad, yes, great gameplay, oh yeah! Since it’s launch, Gears 2 has had 2 map packs released. One with the game if you pre-ordered it, the Flashback Map Pack, which gave you Gridlock, Subway, Canals, Mansion, and Tyro Station all for free. This pack is NOW available on the Marketplace for only 400 MS Points. These maps were updated to fix the new Gears 2 engine as well as formatted for the new game types as well. Each map is a real treat to play in the new game. Canals is the coolest looking since it is completely covered in Ice. All your favorite locations in each map are still here folks, enjoy the past again with this map pack. Now Pack #2, The Combustible Map Pack gives you three ALL NEW Maps. Gold Rush, Fuel Station, and Flood. Flood, not to be confused with another shooting game, is an area ravaged by a flood of imulsion. Fuel Station is basically what it’s name implies, but its a GREAT map none the less in my opinion its the best map of the three. Gold Rush is a cool map. One thing to point out about this map is that if you had the Gears Of War: Games For Windows version, this map was included with the game. Why it was added to the Xbox 360 version escapes me. But here it is regardless in Gears Of War 2. It’s a factory based map with great points of cover and a great map for territory based games. This pack is now available on the Marketplace for 800 MS Points. (Why does 3 maps cost more then 5?)

Now, Snow Blind Map Pack!! Yes, more maps for an already great online game. This pack was just released on to the wild and it’s getting lots of positive reviews. It contains four maps: Grindyard, Under Hill, Courtyard. Grindyard is a trash dump site, it has a great overview of the action and it also has a compactor that ignites, which is a cool effect. Under Hill is a highway style map that has a working garage and a highway overpass that is accessible. Courtyard is a cemetery style map with lots of places for cover and lots of good sniper spots, so pay attention for that. Now i said 4 but only named 3, why did i do that? Saving the best for last: Fuel Depot!!! Thats right, for some reason this was not an inbox map or a part of the FLashback Map Pack. Fuel Depot is back with several fixes in terms of item location and in the warehouse itself. For one thing, the large crates NOW cannot be climbed over in the warehouse, you have to go down the ramps to get to where you want to go. Also, there are snow plows in the garages, so less cover in there when you spawn. The fuel tanks are still there and still explosive. A common theme with all these maps, explosive tanks. Another common element of these maps: Snow. Thus the name, Snowblind Map Pack.

Here is Grindyard:
Here is Courtyard:
Here is Underhill:
And Finally….Fuel Depot! Complete With Snow:

Another common element, ALL MAP PACKS include NEW Achievements! Some based on the map packs and some based on new criteria that unlocks the rewards. The Annex mode especially, now kills have to be executions. The maps can be sorted by playlist or you can hope to get the new maps in a Public Match. You can even acquire some of these new map based achievements in the training mode. Snowblind Map Pack is now available for only 800 MS Points. GET IT!! It’s very worth it and its got Fuel Depot! Gears Of War 2 is now available ONLY for the Xbox 360 for an MSRP of $59.99. The content for Gears 2 can be found and purchased on either the Xbox Live Marketplace or via


Here is a link to a trailer for these new maps (Watch in High Def if possible).

Buy Gears Of War 2 by clicking here.

To Purchase the new Snowblind Map Pack as well as the other available map packs, simply click here and have the downloads queued to your Xbox 360.

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