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A Futuristic Main Event – This week on ROH TV

ROH Future ShockWelcome to another edition of ROH TV and this week is highlighted by a main event that is show to burn up the ring and show the rest of the world what true tag team wrestling is all about as The Young Bucks will face Future Shock so let’s get right to the action.

The show opens up with comments from Prince Nana and his #1 member of The Embassy Tomasso Ciampa. Ciampa is currently undefeated and we get a glimpse of him training and he says that while everyone else in ROH is finding someone new to train with to try and gain an advantage he only needs to train with himself. He knows that if he can’t beat himself then no one in ROH will be able to either.

Shiloh Jonze VS. “The Dominant Male” Tomasso Ciampa

[adinserter block=”1″]This match has you expected is a total squash and although the crowd tried their best to motivate you Shiloh Jonze he definitely was no match for the Ciampa as he would remain undefeated after this mercy killing. A series of vicious knees to the face of Jonze as he was resting on the bottom turnbuckle gave way to one of the most unique finishers in all of pro wrestling…Project Ciampa. A sick moves that starts out with Ciampas opponent in the powerbomb position and he then drives them into his knees instead of the mat!!!!

Your Winner – “The Dominant Male” Tomasso Ciampa

Next we hear from dem boys from Sandy Fork, DE The Briscoes promoting their match against the WGTT. We also hear from The All Night Express has they announce that they will face the WGTT in the proving ground in hopes of winning and securing a shot at the tag titles.

The segment was definitely the most anticipated of the night and I’ve been counting down the minutes ’til we would see the in-ring confrontation between ROH executive producer and perhaps the biggest heel in the history of ROH Kevin Steen. In the ring we had Cornette joined by the man responsible for Steen’s sudden change in heart Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. Cornette invited Steen down to the ring along with his legal team. You know the history that Cornette and Steen have and in an attempt to moderate Kevin Kelly & Nigel Mcguinness are in the ring as well but it would make no difference as Cornette (who is no stranger to a mic) would soon take over this segment.

Cornette would explain how talented of a wrestler Steen is and he would love to have him back in ROH but he simply can’t be trusted and Steen plays into this theory as he drops several curse words that cause multiple bleeps. Steen is the second coming of Brian Pillman when he played his “loose cannon” character in ECW. Steen plays the part so well and he and Cornette come across as heaving nothing short of utter disdain for each other. We cut to the chase and Cornette allows Corino to present “the offer” from ROH to Steen and we get the bomb dropped that at Final Battle Corino will face Steen and if Steen wins then he’s reinstated in ROH!!!!!! Also Jimmy Jacobs will be the special referee for the match. Corino warns that at Final Battle it won’t be the new calmer Corino but Steen will be getting the evil Steve Corino of old!!!

The segment ends with Steen promising that he’ll win at Final Battle and he wants Cornette to be a ring side so he can be there when Steen wins and when he does he guarantees to make ROH his ROH and he’ll make Cornettes life a living hell!!!!

Inside ROH

This week inside ROH it’s announced that this building feud between ROH TV champ Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett will come to a head at Final Battle. Also after the spirited match that Lethal had against the former champ El Generico last week that ended in a time limit draw it only seems fair that at Final Battle on Dec 23rd it will be Jay Lethal defending the ROH TV title against “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and “The Generic Luchador” El Generico.

We hear more comments this week from Eddie Edwards and his training partner and mentor Dan Severn delving further into Edwards match with Davey Richards. This really was more of the same from last week, nothing new to note.

Also we visit Roderick Strong doing some more of his 12 oz curls at the bar with these girls that look like extras from the show Blind Date, where’s Roger Lodge when you need him. But seriously this was more of the same as well with Strong saying that he’ll be in New York with or without an opponent to watch the championship match.

The Young Bucks VS. Future Shock

Before the match we hear a promo from the young bucks explaining their history with the “veterans” in the business and shedding light on how they have wrestled for TNA and they give you a little background of how they came back to ROH because they were sick of wrestling guys old enough to be there dad and they even do the unthinkable in some eyes and drop Booker T’s name on TV as we all know how they had a tryout match in WWE and it didn’t work out because they didn’t do what they were told and according to Booker T they don’t kiss enough butt. Well Vince’s loss in ROH’s gain as they are the most exciting team in pro wrestling. I can hardly wait for this match to begin!

If you have ever seen a match with either one of these teams you know it’s a daunting task to try and keep up with each move taking place. I’ll try my best to give the highspots only. After some early back and forth action that featured some signature double-team moves O’Reilly was able to make the hot tag to Cole and the action was beginning to spill outside and Cole avoided a baseball slide from Nick Jackson and countered with a wheel-barrel suplex onto the ring apron and the sickening thud of Jackson’s head cracking on the apron could be heard all throughout the Davis Arena!!!

At this point late in the match both teams were calling for their finishers and Cole/O’Reilly attempted their finisher “Ride The Lightning” first and the bucks countered and hit stereo kicks that echoed as well!!! Matt Jackson nailed a sick series of two powerbombs followed by a third bucklebomb for a near pin fall!!! This time the bucks attempted their finisher “More Bang for your Buck” and you gussed right it was countered by O’Reilly who hit a tornado DDT combo and rolled into a guillotine and he held the choke for a while as Cole kept Nick Jackson at bay and didn’t let him back in the ring to break the hold. He was then able to get into the ring and tried valiantly to get O’Reilly to break the hold and he was like a man possessed and wouldn’t break until finally letting his hands go and then the end was inevitable and the young bucks were able to hit “More bang for you buck” to secure the victory!!!

Your Winners – The Young Bucks

Overall Thoughts

[ad 6]It’s sounds so cliche to say but I can’t resist, they’re really weren’t any losers in this match!!! I mean this match is what tag team wrestling is all about!!!

Both of these teams are future champions and the action that they bring in the ring is second to none. Any one who is a fan of old school traditional cut the ring in half tag team wrestling wouldn’t appreciate it but anyone who is a fan of Japanese and Lucha style wrestling, would enjoy the action that these two teams bring.

Looking forward to next week and the proving ground match up between the WGTT and The All Night Express.
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