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What does the future hold for TNA Wrestling star Magnus?

2013 so far in TNA has undoubtedly been the year of the young British Wrestler Magnus for three reasons. Firstly, his induction into the Main Event Mafia, perhaps the most prestigious stable in recent wrestling history demonstrates how creative in Orlando have faith in the young man. Secondly, the Bound for Glory Series. If Magnus continues at the pace he started, then he will receive a shot at the TNA Heavyweight Championship, currently held by the enigmatic Chris Sabin. The final reason is that Magnus is receiving his biggest push to date, and he is handling the situation extremely well.

[adinserter block=”1″]Since bursting onto the scene as ‘Sir Brutus Magnus’ back in 2008, Nick Aldis has been used in a variety of roles within the company. Many viewers in the UK instantly recognized Magnus to be ‘Oblivion’ from the newest series of the popular television show ‘Gladiators’, where it is said this gimmick originated. After going on a short undefeated streak, Magnus aligned himself with another two British Wrestlers to form ‘The British Invasion’, being Rob Terry and the veteran Doug Williams. Whilst a part of the stable, he held both the IWGP and TNA tag team titles respectively.

In 2011, it is arguable the Magnus lost any momentum built until this point as he was dropped into middle and lower card purgatory, making most of his appearances on Xplosion. Forming mediocre teams with Desmond Wolfe and reuniting temporarily with Doug Williams, everything Magnus had built seemed to be going down the drain. That was until December when he was paired with Samoa Joe in the Joker’s Wild Card tournament, which culminated in the pair capturing the Tag Team titles. This team was dynamic and made tag team wrestling fun to watch, even if their opponents weren’t of the best calibre.

After returning as a face in January of 2013 in the Manchester, England taping of Impact, Magnus was thrust back into the spotlight as he sought revenge upon Aces and Eights who took him out with a hammer some months earlier. Magnus since then has been on a hot streak, taking a commanding lead in the Bound for Glory series, and being inducted into the Main Event Mafia by none other than Sting and Kurt Angle. Undoubtedly his biggest push in his career, Magnus is riding the waves of glory as the stable managed to help Chris Sabin become TNA World Heavyweight champion.

But what exactly is next for him? If he continues to have the success in the Bound For Glory series, he faces the World champion, whoever it may be, at that point. Is he ready for this opportunity? I personally believe he is. He has been Champion on every level so far, and has proven himself a great tag team and singles competitor. Granted, his promo skills aren’t the greatest of the roster, but you can’t deny that his matches aren’t exciting.

Alternatively, he could defect from the Mafia and turn heel again. This would be a stupid move in my opinion, as they would be destroying the great character we have seen since his return. It is my belief that he is ready to take the company out of the dark times it finds itself in and he is perfectly capable of handling the pressure. He might not have the experience of a Main event superstar, and he might not have the physique of a leader, but neither did Austin Aries and his reign was a very good time for the company.

[adinserter block=”2″]Whatever the future holds for Magnus, it is bright. He is hitting the peak of his career and is getting the deserved push for his loyalty and work within the company. It is my belief that he could walk in to any company and instantly start a great storyline, which only proves what a class act he is.

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  1. The Magnus signing is a major benefit for both TNA and Magnus- Magnus needs to build a better wrestling resume and the wrestlers should view TNA as a promotion that has not given up the ship yet.


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