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Inside The Wheelhouse: The Future of WWE NXT

WWE NXT RookiesReports came out on Tuesday that the SyFy Network would be dumping WWE NXT from it’s network come October 1st of this year. That leaves the 3rd season of NXT without a place to call its home. For the first of month of the show NXT will air on the SyFy Network while be homeless for the next couple of months it airs.

There is talk of making it a web based show on WWE.com come October 1st or incorporate it into RAW & Smackdown every week. It certainly won’t be on the SyFy network once Smackdown moves over on Friday nights. Whatever the WWE ends up doing with the NXT program it appears that the future of the show itself is in deep jeopardy.

[adinserter block=”2″]From my perspective NXT really hasn’t been as successful as WWE wanted it to be since the first season. I myself was a regular watcher of the first season because of how innovative and new it was. The wrestlers on the inaugural season seemed to be pretty good too and we would later come to find that at least for a brief moment in time their future were very bright.

Unlike the first season of the show the second season of NXT just didn’t grab me into the show right away. It could have been the fact that it was right in the summer months and very little of my time is spent at the television. But from the first announcement of NXT season two on the season finale of season one, it just never made me feel like something I wanted to watch.

Sure they had Low-Ki who was pretty recognizable from his days in TNA and the Independent circuit, similar to that of Daniel Bryan from season one but compared to the first season it just didn’t click with me. Most people even feel that the Season 2 group was more talented then the Season 1 crew and what I will give to Season 2 over Season 1 is that it appears there is more future stars in the season’s crew as compared to the first season. But it might have been the 1st season that actually buried the 2nd season.

[adinserter block=”1″]WWE NXT Season 2 started up right around the start of the Nexus angle and there was a ton of buzz over Nexus. I feel the same buzz is what killed the Season 2 debut because of how interested people were in to watching the crew from Season 1 over the new batch of Superstars. I got the feeling as a fan watching the angle that there is no group ever to come onto NXT that will compare to the Nexus. So if that’s the case then why should I watch?

It could be that the WWE’s hottest angle of 2010 was the death nail into the eventual demise of the NXT series. Even now I still feel like NXT: Season 2 doesn’t compare to what we now know as the Nexus. The ratings have clearly shown that to be the same feeling amongst most fans.

While a great concept at first it would appear that we could be looking at the eventual end of NXT. Should it make 2011 on whatever format, television show or network, it will be extremely surprising. It was a fun concept while it lasted.

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